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  • Apple plans to dial back mask mandate in U.S. stores

    n2macs said:
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Have visited the Apple store twice in the last month will continue to wear a mask regardless  of the mandate easement.
    Who cares?
    "Who cares"?
    Me!  I care!  I appreciate others who do the things necessary to avoid infecting me and others around them.  And, I avoid places that do not encourage or enforce those precautions.

    COVID is a nasty disease that can affect multiple parts of the body and, even if it doesn't kill you, it can leave you disabled.  I want to protect myself from it as much as possible -- and that includes avoiding those people and places who endanger me.
    Kiddo, Thank you for lecture. We know it. Probably spend far more time living on this planet. Keep your insecurities to yourself. Life will teach you that. Now imposing something on some people may get you hurt in life. So watch out and learn.
  • Flaw in macOS briefly allowed attackers to install what they wanted

    "However, older versions of Apple's operating systems are still vulnerable to the flaw. Because of that, and the other security updates contained in the recent releases, it's recommended that users upgrade their computers."

    Right. Because Apple does not want to fix security in older systems (it can), buy new equipment as there will be no patch. Sounds like car owner has to buy new car every three-five years because keys cannot be upgraded/changed by manufacturer. Well I'd certainly buy. I did and made it Linux desktop. All security patches for many years as LTS promises and later change OS to newer (no problem) and extend LTS by probably another few years. But hey you do not get fancy features for 15 minutes fame and use like from Apple. Tradeoff must be made. I did mine after 15 years with Apple computers. MintBook Air (ex-MacBook Air 2010) works like charm and it has security updates.

  • Apple's iPad marketshare growing in declining tablet market

    rob53 said:
    lkrupp said:
    I thought Chromebooks were going to kill off the iPad.
    Saw an ad from Walmart for a $89 Chromebook. They can't even give them away. Of course, they still use them in middle school (at least) in my town but I'm assuming they don't last more than one school year.
    And how frequently one buys iPad? Every three years? We can calculate cost and it ain't gonna be good for Apple. For the record, I still have first gen iPad Retina and its screen looks far better than 2 years old iPad Pro. They should think how to avoid that yellow tint after that sort period of time. Compared side by side in the same mode. It is not just about AI and processor speed. Yes old is slow, but quality was there.

    And as far as Chromebook, well one can by Samsung Galaxy S7 and pay $200 that is normal price instead. Sure resolution is not the same as iPad, but for size and functions there is not much need to go crazy resolutions.
  • Flaw in macOS briefly allowed attackers to install what they wanted

    Yes and those defenses were so  "smart" that you cannot delete downloaded outdated macOS version installer unless you disable SIP and restart in recovery mode. Yet other files related to the system can be modified. That is how much is worth testing at Apple before product is released to the market.

    Linux desktops and laptops look far uglier, but they do not seem to have these kind of problems somehow.
  • Apple's macOS Monterey causing problems with some USB-C hubs & docks

    Cheap hubs follow no guidelines, expect troubles 
    Not true. They actually follow standards. The expensive once frequently do not. Apple is the biggest company that does not follow standards. It did not even in SSD disks areas years ago using proprietary controller that was on board rather than with memory like everybody else did. hence you had to buy "special" SSD just to satisfy bad idea design that did not make for performance anything, but kept you with buying overpriced upgrades  from Apple. And unfortunately in area of SSD Apple is not even near brands like Crucial or Samsung.