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  • Apple's macOS Monterey causing problems with some USB-C hubs & docks

    "Other users report Apple support staff telling them to try Apple-certified hubs."

    What else do I need certified by Apple? Work style and life? It worked so do not break it. This has been going with many devices for last years. BTW they broke support for their own devices like Apple Fax USB dongle years ago so, do not tell me that Apple certified would work over time either. Should I wait for Apple certified printer

    Arrogance at Apple is astounding. That is why I am not missing it much while I switched to Linux Mint desktop and converted Apple MacBook Air into "MintBook Air". But I am sorry for people who still have to cope with that Apple people arrogant attitude.
  • Apple Music may be coming to Playstation 5 soon

    Right. Put it on every toy, but not on Linux when this system as desktop is mature now and supported even by some banks (yes we can work from Linux). When Apple is gonna get smart and compiles this software to be available in Linux stores? So far someone wrote port of Apple Music for subscription, but obviously it is not the same as some protocols are disabled. Seriously, not being able to use Apple Music turns users on Linux to 7Digital and Spotify services, but it is not as good.
  • Apple fires leader of #AppleToo movement

    Apple Computer: Nice products but you wouldn't want to work there.
    Yes and that is my friend who came from east coast NYC finance learned too. Even their development process is weak comparing to what we use in big software shops in finance. If you do not know what is big, one floor of financial company has more operations line of code than entire Microsoft. I co-owned literally 2 million lines of code of trading system. Small piece of what else was on the floor. When he said of their weak process and ow to fix it they did not agree so, he played to leave that garbage Now Zoox pays probably better and has better process as Amazon project. Apple as much as achieved top in technology has a lot to learn to be more efficient. Keyword is automated testing and avoiding repeat mistakes in code. If they want people to work on weekends because management does not want investing into automated testing and people have to do it on time that normally would be their private time then Apple will have to pay more to those engineers.
  • Italian regulator says Apple's iCloud terms are unreasonable, may be illegal

    ApplePoor said:
    If one does not like the Apple eco-system, buy Android instead.  No one, yet, is forced to buy any Apple product be it software, hardware or services. 
    And that is what people do. Apple iPhone is almost non-existent in Europe comparing to Android as opposed to the United States. Didn't you know that? Now regulartions are regulations and laws are laws. Who said that customers complained? This is regulators who reviewed terms and conditions. See the difference? So stop your childish tactics recommendations to consumers. Get mature and see the detail.
  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    sflocal said:
    So if I build my own phone and my own os, and sell it as a single product, I would be barred from loading my own apps on it?

    F**k you politicians.  

    I see no scenario where Apple would ever let this happen.  If passed, it will be forever tied up in the courts.  The iPhone has plenty of competition.  There is zero point to this.
    This is no different than Microsoft in the end of ''90. Start using brain. It was bad that time and it is bad now. You people are so blind that you blame Microsoft and then 20 years later it is okay for another large corporation to try and monopolize market. Are you born fairly recently with last year brainwash problem or you did not put enough study to know prior cases like this one and ruling on them?