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  • Why Apple is now focusing on users, not units in Fiscal 2019

    The numbers are not global, but only US based. The dominant mobile device manufactirer globally is Samsung. Apple comes second. Please do not sell this data as general trend. On some markets like in Europe Apple has really marginal presence. It is not about hating, trolling or else so svae yourself those derogatory slogans. This is aboutr marketshare facts: Samsung 28% Apple 26%
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  • Apple targeted in new patent infringement lawsuit over video processing technology

    I kept saying for almost two decades now: Change USPTO patent regulations to what is in Europe to eliminate trolls. If firm is not practicing or not innovating then it cannot claim anything. Also preexsting innovator (a small company that has evidence of using the idea before it was patented by someone else) should be in place protecting some innovators who do not hold patent. Also USPTO should enforec just like patent offices in Europe rather than register and then wait for lawsuits on conflicts and no value patents that snad in a way.
  • Apple's powerful new Mac mini perfectly suits the 'Pro' market, yet the complaints have al...

    Mac Mini processing minimum four threads in parallel is what many people need (I do) and Pro is for those who need powerful processing of media with large or multiple large projects. If you do not know difference that means you spent too much time on your mobile device moving between screens and not understanding that work on desktop is not on swiching tabs ior screens, but processing many tasks while seeing all the progress within multiple applications or projects. Work as professional and you will learn those basics. That is also why we use multpile large screens (not for fancy picture, but for amount of information our brain digests from different sources in parelle and not in sequential fashion). If you do not do this then do not bother, but then do not ask questions because you will never understand. If you worked on 4-10 projects at the same time you are that professional. Mac Mini is just powerful for fun and minor work. I finally see that Apple brought nice computer I need. However pros that we run in the shop need something better than this so Mac Pro is stilll needed for that work.
  • Hands on: Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max are gorgeous, and a boon for photographers

    nunzy said:
    Apple now has the best cameras ever made. Professional photographers will not need anything else.

    I defy anybody to see any differences unless the photo is blow up to billboard size.
    Youy siound as juvenile as it gets. First think: study density of glass and those limitations. Then study how professional photography eveloved. You might be surprized what professional need these days... unless of course you consider yourself professional in that space ;) You remind me some person who argued with me on monitors tellin me that his wife is professional in graphics design and there is no better quality in monitors than Philips from Costco (yes he was so arrogant to talk like that while we are running professional Adobe studio with projects for major international publishing company). Well graphics design does not and on HTML and JPEG's.
  • Hands on: Jaybird's wireless X4 sport headphones

    Those are earphones - not heaphones. Stop calling this with incorrect names. Some use heaphones because earphones hurt their ears. One has to discard all Apple funky "ear clips" and else.