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  • What has changed with AppleCare+ for iPhone XS or Apple Watch and why you should consider ...

    nunzy said:
    Only a fool won't pay for AppleCare. If you can afford Apple you can afford Care.

    Besides, Apple makes huge profit from it, so that alone makes it a good thing!
    And that is very mature and encouraging statement. So you basically say that savings are for fools because it will break anyway. How about Apple includes AppleCare+ in priice, skips this subject and stop making people fools?
  • AirPower wireless charging pad allegedly stalled until spring by heat and interference iss...

    nunzy said:
    Apple never releases products until they are fully baked.
    Oh you have no clue on history of Apple products. This sounds very juvenile claim.
  • How dual-SIM works with Apple's iPhone XS & XS Max

    Can Apple get rid of that cute sh... indent in the screen? It is really garbage in display. I can imagine my wife obsuring part of TV during major game. Same outcome.
  • Australian teen hacked Apple's corporate network, accessed data and user accounts

    vmarks said:
    What kind of Apple fan uses Whatsapp ,a Facebook product?
    Network effects are powerful. Outside the US, Whatsapp is the common way to message where FB messenger, Google Hangouts/Chat/Allo/etc. never caught on. You use what all your contacts use.
    Very true. But I rather use SMS, when contacting non iOS folks.
    SMS is much more universal than ‘Whatsapp’
    Although it is much less secure than iMessage. 
    That is only if you can use SMS. Apple locks you in iCloud ince tried on iMessage (standard on their mobile) and instead your phone number for identification and standard telecommunication protcols they start using their own protocol with Apple account (mis)delivering messages to random mobile devices that are or were once registered with you. That happened to many and to me as well (messages from a friend from Law Enforcement in the USA were delivered to someone from family in Europe who I gave iPad as souvenir). Unregistering is tough (their online tool does not seem to work and you have to call them). Apple had lawsuit related to this issue and it still have problems with unregistering people when they leave Apple mobile devices (I have friend who switched back to Samsung, but I cannot send him SMS from iPhone because Apple still recognizes that he was on iCloud with iMessenger while on iPhone once - he does not give damn about calling Apple anymore, but there you go we cant reach him via simple SMS).

    Just in case some smart Alec comes forward with "intelligent advice" that one could call Apple to resolve the issue... well I did and many did. No help. Visionary is visionary - does not give damn about solving fundamental problems first.
    muthuk_vanalingamavon b7
  • Qualcomm demands Intel share documents for iPhone and iPad modems

    nunzy said:
    Qualcomm is going to get Appled if they keep this up.

    If you go up against the king, you best not miss.

    "The king"? Well business is business and judges rule what all business MUST do - no discussion. Business does not overrule legislation and execution. They can only negotiate. I would say Qualcomm seems to be asking for trouble by doing this, but Apple is nothing such as "king". It is just a successful business that can be squashed if it does not follow laws and regulations.