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  • Video: Apple's iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro (Part 2) - photo editing comparison

    Next time when you review stop using only Apple as reference because it is not in some aspects. For example compare to this and besoides of irrelevant number of pixels tell iif it can do the same for professional:
  • Video: Apple's iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro (Part 2) - photo editing comparison

    It is about screen and not just resolution. So stop testing CPU. We have better screen than Apple offers in iMac. Let me know when the screen is professional IPS with full gamut and correction and 32 inch that does not become yellow in two years glare free and potantiall accepts hood over it. Is it hard to understand?
  • GoPro laying off up to 300 employees, mostly from Karma drone division - report

    CobraGuy said:
    TheDrone business is pretty crowded.

    if I wanted to spend that much on a Drone, DJI has the better product IMO.

    and their action cameras are pretty speedy too.

    They had a good run for a while but seems to be slowing down a good bit.
    So is camera business. Currently solutions like EKEN start killing GoPro on price with suffiicient quality action cameras. It costs fraction what GoPro costs. I tried that in ocean swimming with sharks and on power boats splashing water at high speed on them and they work no different than GoPro. Yes GoPro is sligtly higher quality at multiple times higher price. Recent EKEN release for full 4K suggests that GoPro may start losing market in... crowded camera market. And EKEN is main company brand - tjose are cameras sold under different names as well and most of them are rebranded EKEN. Some still come from Sony.
  • Apple's 14- & 18-core iMac Pro configurations won't ship until 2018

    It is not about how many pixels. Nobody gives about your 5k or zillion K in profesional graphics design work. You need multiple HIGH QUALITY PROFFESIONAL GRADE monitors that can deal with accurate colors or one large monitor for smaller tasks. Are they going to release 32-40 inch monitor iMac? Who gives? Just upgrade those Mac Pros to proper multicore CPU and GPU with a lot of RAM and nevermind expensive iMacs for professional work. They do not cut for needs if you ever ran in that business you should know.
  • Apple's $4,999 all-in-one iMac Pro launches Thursday, Dec. 14

    lkrupp said:
    For me personally it would be like buying a fully loaded Ford Shelby GT just to go to the grocery store. Not that I wouldn’t like that but for home use it would be a bit overkill. I’m hoping this machine finds a home with professionals, not the faux professionals who blather on here about ports and towers and such but real professionals who would put the machine to good use.
    Professionals will not use Apple display - it is below quality and precision required by professional publishing and design. We run design shop.