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  • Severe flaw in Java library impacts iCloud, Amazon, Steam, and more

    Anilu_777 said:
    Wonder if there’ll be a 15.1.2 update to fix this or 15.2 will be accelerated to fix this. I’d go with the former with a new 15.2 RC just out. 
    You can work around it with just one parameter change and block the vulnerability. The problem is that older libraries had default value for this set to open vulnerability (JNDI Lookup).
  • Severe flaw in Java library impacts iCloud, Amazon, Steam, and more

    Just the Java versions of Minecraft are affected. The bedrock versions are fine. So mobile, console and Win10 versions are good. There is no bedrock version for Macs as Microsoft will not allow the iOS versions to run on ASi Macs. Java versions will not cross play with the bedrock versions. 
    All Java world that uses Log4J may e affected. It is not as simple. Almost all enterprises use Log4J for logging. To mimic that even .NET world used their port of it called Log4N. This is one of the most fundamental logging libraries run around the world. You will find it many more places than macOS running on computers around the world.
  • Apple debuts new Open Source website, will release projects on GitHub

    Just watch when it gets damaged by rogue engineers. The answer might be GitLab (vs. GitHub). Not enough evidence how people plugged bad stuff in source code on GitHub. Think twice.
  • Time Machine backups causing issues for some Apple Silicon Mac users

    darkvader said:
    What the fuck are you people blathering about?

    I'm not exactly known for being an Apple cheerleader here, but you're out of your minds.

    Time Machine is the best backup solution I've ever used on ANY platform.  Period.  The only thing it's missing is an easy offsite solution.  Everything else about it is perfect.

    I don't give a flying fuck if a backup solution is 'efficient'.  I care that it backs up data and makes it easily retrievable.  Time Machine does that better than anything else out there at any price.

    Apple got this one right.
    It is not the best, but very good. It would be best if it allowed backup services like AWS glacier. Other platforms already have those solutions frequently built-in (NAS). Unfortunately, Time Machine started failing like crazy since Catalina more and more and new disk structure plus indexing for Spotlight. And for the record while Spotlight was top search engine 10 years ago now Windows 10/11 and Linux search engines are far better and reminiscent of old Spotlight (focused on context not returning thousands of files for no reason). things are changing and Apple is not top anymore.
  • Time Machine backups causing issues for some Apple Silicon Mac users

    Time Machine had already problems starting from Catalina on Intel 2 years ago. It could not do first backup after migrating to new system and it took for some people days to do it. I suspect that Apple engineering forgot that indexing should be disabled during this period of time or at least user should be notified about need for it. A lot of things happening in backgrounds including mysterious error codes on popup window  just like in old Microsoft Windows. If you ran out of support you are stuck, but some people post solutions on external forums. One of those is you have to disable some feature temporarily on one particular model in order to have update working. Apple does not seem to be in control of QA and the only people say is "buy new one", "it is so ancient". well there you go if you treat things with this attitude and not criticize Apple you will end up with problems on brand new Apple computers and devices. You got what you asked for.