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  • Apple loses 'Apple Car' senior director of engineering to electric aviation startup

    Sounds like the heavy lifting is done. QC and testing galore coming up. Looking forward to seeing disguised development mules on the road. 
    Can't wait for this thing to launch.
    You are funny. Try again. I know one engineer who left Apple after conflict with managers who have no clue on QC and automated testing in macOS development (and he came from finance where testing is almost fully automated and very strict). He was in GM working on autonomous and now is in Amazon Zoox (I gave him professional references as we worked for six years together). It takes years to develop it. I heard from him that GM was already riding on San Francisco roads and passed the tests... yet no word on final results.

    Maybe Apple cannot decide if they should go autonomous or just electric. Strategy choice can be a killer to ideas and to talented headcount.
  • Apple execs explain the design philosophy behind Apple Watch bands

    I am just working on finding out design philosophy of my shoe laces. I know they are special as I discarded original once and they have special construction and shape to help with loosening tie when walking and doing footwork (seriously you can buy them on Amazon). But I still wonder philosophy that one can make for them...
  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    auxio said:
    red oak said:
    All of these millennial or Gen Z snowflakes are torpedoing their careers.  They are going to wake up 10 years from now wondering how the f* everything up so bad 
    God forbid anyone actual cares about anything except themselves.  I'm hoping the movement towards ethical Capitalism, which there's a fair bit of support for even at the investor level these days, gains some momentum from cases like this.
    Bare minimum is enough. Excessive stress and we end up in socialism. I lived in it so, do not get me started. The outcomes are terrible on human lives so, as they say about something else "good socialist is..." I am not going to finish, but you can guess. And as far as ethical Capitalism that is what Carl Marx should have done instead of his dumb pile of garbage he wrote in "Capital" and published in 1853 just after capitalist revolution took place  around the world and it did not have human face for many decades. then 20 century came with tens of millions dying form socialism of different forms starting from national socialism (Nazi) in Germany.
  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    "At the time, the CBP was caging migrants and separating parents from children, but Google had decided to sell cloud computing software to the agency."\

    Really? Maybe you should check facts. It started with CBP orders in Obama era. Nobody seemed to care long before 2019 or even 2016. Also as many DNA tests showed, most of those adults were not relatives and only used children for trafficking. That is why they were separated from adults for their own safety and not in cage but in well equipped children centers. The material was published when some visited those centers, but media seem to go with different political narrative skipping facts. What acting AOC in front of "cage" made impressions on people? She is a good actor too.
  • Apple sues NSO Group over Pegasus iPhone spyware

    DAalseth said:
    An interesting tactic but I question how effective it will be. I don’t see where the suit was filed, but if it was in California, all NSO has to do is keep their operations offshore and there’s no way to enforce it. 

    I do expect the battle of the press to heat up. Apple is going after NSO for enabling spying on journalists, activists, and private citizens. Expect a blizzard of reports about how Apple is trying to protect criminals, drug dealers, terrorists, and pedos. It’ll come both from NSO and from the legion of Apple Haters out there. 


    NSO hasn’t been used yet (to my knowledge) to actually catch criminals. It’s being used by oppressive governments to track journalists or other “dissenters”.

    The very nature of their exploits (expensive zero days) means they are only used on a small handful of highly valuable targets. This might also go against Apple in their lawsuit as NSO could claim 99.999% of Apple users have nothing to worry about. 
    And you know it for fact? What agency do you work for so you know that much?