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  • Firefox stopped loading websites for some users

    And since when do you people think Safari is even close to Firefox? Just do a research. Check also market share for browsers. Maybe you should start opening eyes. I dropped Safari after two first years on Mac OS X circa 2007. It was Firefox or other browsers (SeaMonkey or even Tor). These days you may consider Vivaldi or Brave as they are picking up and beating Chrome and Edge due to tracking removal from base that is Chromium. Yes even FLoC is removed from those two browsers and Google does not like where their Chromium project went with it. Firefox is second and also superior in security solutions, but it has glitches like this.
  • Firefox stopped loading websites for some users

    macxpress said:
    A more straightforward workaround, though, is to switch to Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

    Read on AppleInsider
    It might be more straightforward, but for Windows users, one of those isn't available, and the other two suck donkey farts.

    Workaround it is.
    Then the proper workaround is to switch to a Mac and then use Safari.  ;)
    I tried that workaround 15 years ago. It was temporary for 14 years. Now I use Linux Mint desktop (one of them is old MacBook Air converted, but not supported by Apple) and occasionally Windows 11 Pro in VirtualBox. The workaround you suggested was good... when Steve Jobs was alive and Apple did not lack discipline or engineers would be slapped by Jobs. Nowadays, it is not the same under Cook. Apple is old Microsoft and even Microsoft is becoming what Apple used to be under Jobs. Time to make better research and stop telling people outdated stories. i did mine.
  • Gang that stole MacBook Pro blueprints completely shut down by Russian law enforcement

    Gaby said:
    While no doubt welcomed by some, Anyone who is even remotely lucid will be cognisant of the fact that this comes at a very convenient time and is frankly nothing more than a token gesture, and too little too late. and won’t placate anyone but the most dim witted among us or our Governments. 

    Exactly after conversation NATO-Russia suffered breakdown and exactly after this happened:
  • Oral-B debuts three new iPhone-connected iO smart toothbrushes

    What else do you need instructions with in your life? iToilet paper next? Good luck.
  • Dubious 'iPhone 15' SIM tray removal rumor given weight by leakers

    Well, that is show stopper if you want to travel to foreign country and use store purchased SIM card with local phone number. Not all providers support eSIM. Good luck with iPhone. Want to know how much roaming and data services cost overseas even if you enable special travel program? Just check with AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. Learn for yourself. It looks like Apple would not leave people any option, but buy Android. Heck, some of them still may allow even flash card to extend storage memory unlike iPhone.