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  • MacBook Air's 2022 update could add notch to the display

    The odd thing is, the top centre of a macOS computer is always empty because the "Menu Bar" is always blank in that area. So people who use the menu bar (which is most of us) wouldn't really mind if there was a notch in that area. I suppose Windows computers would need to put the notch in the bottom of the screen since that's where the Windows "Task Bar" usually is.
    I assure you that that is not true. There are several applications that end up having menus under the camera hole on my MacBook Pro 13.
    And with some languages that can get even worse.
  • MacBook Pro refresh could reuse the iPhone's notch in the display

    rob53 said:
    Don't understand all the negativity about a FaceID notch. There's a 1/4" along the top of my iMac display for standard macOS items and application menu drop down items. Even on a larger laptop, there's room for a 1" long area for the cameras, an out of bounds area. It would be black so anyone using full screen shouldn't really notice it. I would welcome FaceID on the display, especially on iMacs but it wouldn't hurt on laptops, so it isn't have to be in an external keyboard (iMac). TouchID works but FaceID is better.
    There is no space for a notch on a Mac display!  You cannot put a notch in the middle of the menu bar, that would be an interface stupidity since the number of menus in the bar can increase quite a lot depending on the application.
    Not only that but the mouse cursor movement is supposed to be limited by upper border of the bar, so either the cursor would end up hidden behind the notch or it would some weird behaviour to contour the notch when you are working with the menus.
  • MacBook Pro refresh could reuse the iPhone's notch in the display

    I have a hard time understanding where do people see a notch on the display when the photo doesn’t show a display. What’s on the photo seems to be just the aluminium chassis for the display
  • iPhone 13 A15 benchmarks reveal 21% CPU speed gain over iPhone 12

    frantisek said:
    KITA said:
    "Single Core Score: 1728 (+7.6% over A14)
    Multi Core Score: 4695 (+9.3% over A14)"

    A14 @ 2.99 GHz
    A15 @ 3.22 GHz
    = +7.33%

    M1 @ 3.2 GHz Single Core: 1721 (iPad Pro https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/9837998)

    M1 @ 3.2 GHz
    A15 @ 3.22 GHz
    = 0.6%

    Conclusion, the difference mainly boils down to an increase in frequency and presumably the bigger cache in multi core score.

    Insider info leaked long time ago said that A15 design will be focused on power efficiency. It looks like that . They made it less hungry, probably cooler, better manufacturing process then allowed them to hick frequency and so the performance.  When we see proclaimed battery life improvements we can say that A15 give more juice for the same power. We will see what Anand tech will find up.
    It is very likely made on TSMC's newer and improved N5P node, if so the better thermal efficiency is likely free lunch. Meaning Apple didn't put much/any work into it, but is profitting from TSMC's node progress.
    TSMC reported that N5P node would only make a 5% increase in performance at isopower, so clearly Apple found anoother place to get some extra performance.
  • iPhone 13 A15 benchmarks reveal 21% CPU speed gain over iPhone 12

    KITA said:
    Comparison with more recent results running the same version of Geekbench and as close as possible for iOS version.

    iPhone 12 Pro Max - iOS 14.71 - Geekbench 5.4.1 - Sept. 15th 2021 (https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/9853975)

    A14 @ 2.99 GHz
    Singe Core Score: 1605
    Multi Core Score: 4294

    iPhone 14,2 - iOS 15 - Geekbench 5.4.1 - Sept. 15th 2021 (https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/9851461)

    A15 @ 3.22 GHz
    Singe Core Score: 1728 (+7.6% over A14)
    Multi Core Score: 4695 (+9.3% over A14)

    not going to argue about that iPhone 12 score (it should be more correct than averages), but if you are choosing a particular iPhone 12 maximum performance, you should also use the iPhone 13 maximum available score. That would mean comparing with:
    Singe Core Score: 1734 (+ 8% over A14)
    Multi Core Score: 4818 (+ 12.2% over A14)