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  • Apple drops lawsuit against virtualization firm Corellium

    Fair point.  Corellium hasn't announced that they are ceasing operations so they didn't "lose" per se.  One of three things happened:

    - Apple didn't have a case and wanted to give up quietly;
    - The judge only found that Corellium violated portions not significant enough to hinder normal business;
    - Apple is going to buy the company and offer some new bundle with Xcode CI in the cloud, and a cloud-based device simulator.  They'll sell it as "Developer+" for $9.99 a month on top of your regular Developer subscription.

    I know, I know.  Don't give them any ideas.  But any dunce can see that the entire business world is hot on subscription services for maximum cash extraction.
  • Review: Sony X800H HomeKit TV is an excellent mid-tier set

    I bought this TV from Best Buy less than a month ago to use in the office as a second monitor, not knowing anything about its feature set.

    I was pleasantly surprised by everything.  Setup was quick, operation has been very smooth.  It's very light (only 20 pounds) so mounting on the wall was a snap.  The TV lets you turn the picture off when playing AirPlay or Chromecast content.  Apps are treated like inputs, so you can switch between HDMI 1 as easily as Crunchyroll or Plex.  AirPlay Mirroring from a Mac is nice and smooth, 60fps over Wi-Fi.  The speakers also sound very good for built-in's.  There is a setting that optimizes sound for wall-mount or stand-mount.

    To give you an idea of how stable the OS is, I've started Chromecasts from a phone app that streams live music ... left them running for days on the TV (muted / picture off) and completely forgotten about it.  A few days later I press a button on the remote and find the Chromecast is still running and streaming music.

    It doesn't have local dimming, or extreme brightness like the Vizio PX65-G1 in my living room, but this is not a prime movie-watching TV.  It's more than adequate for gaming and casual viewing, and I think the price is very reasonable considering the rich feature set and support for HomeKit and AirPlay.
  • Steve Jobs proposed an Apple Card as far back as 2004

    The "Pro Card" was actually ProCare, an add-on service exclusive to Apple Retail.  I used to sell these when I worked in the store back in 2005.  It was $99/year and allowed you to skip the line for genius bar appointments and get an hour of support per week for almost anything.  I had a lot of older customers buy them just to get tutorials on how to keep their computer organized, use Office apps, iPhoto, iMovie, etc.  It was more fun that working the floor because I didn't have to worry about selling anything.