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  • Inside iOS 10: Third-party compatibility opens up Messages to Apple's app universe

    I'm curious what the Classic Mac icon stands for.
  • Energy consumption concerns loom over Apple's proposed Irish data center

    apple ][ said:
    One of my dreams is to become so rich that I would be able to take a private jet and fly over to Europe for example, and have dinner, and then fly back home when I'm done eating.

    When I get back home, I will lecture people on how this Planet is doomed, and how everybody needs to do their part in saving the environment. I will claim that all automobiles are evil, and that everybody should only ride bikes in the future. I of course will have my own fleet of limos and super cars, but that's because I need to travel around to eco conferences and lecture the under class on how they should live.

    I will also claim that oil is evil, while at the same time getting funding from middle eastern, oil producing, extremist countries. I might even sell my company to them, for the right price. I'll probably also make a few movies, about some poor polar bears living on a sheet of 2' x 2' ice. If I can't get any real footage to suit my narrative, I'll just CGI the whole damn movie. The idiot public and the intended audience wont really care, so it makes no difference.

    You don't stand for anything but spite.  Drumpf 2016.

    You should roll coal, too.  
  • Eric Schmidt says he uses an iPhone, but claims to prefer Samsung's Galaxy

    cali said:

    Now imagine if Tim Cook or Jony Ive were caught using a Galaxy phone?

    I remember years ago (back in the powerbook days) that Steve Jobs used an IBM/Windows computer. He was quoted as saying he needed it for certain business functions. Can't find the citation just now, but I am certain of this.
    IIRC The ThinkPad was probably running a version of NeXTStep - maybe OpenStep. 

    Most Apple 3rd Party Software was probably still on Classic Mac OS.
  • Eric Schmidt says he uses an iPhone, but claims to prefer Samsung's Galaxy

    I could care less like most about what this D bag uses. Just to share my experience with the S7 Edge. I used this for a couple weeks to see where things were at compared to my iPhone 6s+. I thought the screen and camera were really good. The rest of the phone felt cheap to me. The operating system was pretty good overall. I found that I continued to have accidental input from the main bottom button and the touch sensitive buttons on each side which was my main complaint with the experience. I would say the ecosystem from Apple is ahead of what Android is although it is not by a large margin. When you put physical hardware, software and ecosystem all together Apple wins by a pretty good margin. I will admit it is not a completely fair assessment since I have been all Apple for decades.
    Whenever my friend hands me his S6 Edge to show me something, there's almost always an accidental input during the handoff.  

    Also the curve in the screen makes it harder to see the edges of full screen videos.

    You notice those issues too?
  • Google I/O 2016: Android's failure to innovate hands Apple free run at WWDC

    kevin kee said:
    One word: distraction. Google I/O is all about distraction, distracting the public from their own failure of stagnant projects while providing them with false sense of new technology to make Apple seems like a boring old guy. No one really interested in reality anymore, which is why VR. DED article here is to remind, to open people's eye... but I wonder how many people really care? The shining is too distracting.
    It's also a PR distraction from their real business.  Getting user information for their real customers - advertisers.

    Don't be Evil.
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