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  • Family again asks Apple TV+ movie 'The Banker' not see release

    “Apple executives feel that the movie tells a story of empowerment and bravery and should be released.“

    Apple should concentrate on quality entertainment.  Not crap like this.          
    Then if you ran the studio, Disney would  not exist, nor would Warner Bros,, MGM, Columbia Pictures, hundreds of thousands of docs.  Maybe don't confuse your opinion (quality) with the world's.
  • Crime blotter: blowtorches used to steal iPhones, and a carjacker fought off with an iPad

    hentaiboy said:
    16 year-old girl tried to strangle a car jacker? Man that's ballsy...
    Uhhhhh,, don't know if you're from the Women are Frail and Need to Be Protected School of Thought, or maybe you don't know any 18 year old athletic  women, but she was sitting behind him, putting him in the headlock.  Her younger (11) bro smacked him over the head with his multi-duty iPad. Feisty fam.
    Some women, these days, actually box, play competitive sprorts against men, excel in martial arts, kickbox competitively,  My gym is easily 50% women, a smaller percentage lift, smaller percent box. And, yeah, they are feminine, some most sexy, if that makes a difference, and sexy is subjective.. My grandpa would never believe any of this if he were still here. 
  • Tim Cook talks Apple values, Steve Jobs, more at Salesforce conference

    svanstrom said:
    Cook has lost too much credibility the way that he sucks up to both Trump and China.
    Lost credibility with who? China? Apple customers? General public? I"m not agreeing with the administrations use of tariffs at all, but Cook has to navigate whatever waters we are in, and they're pretty choppy right now

  • Apple TV+ current and unscripted chief Kim Rozenfeld steps down

    This isn’t corporate anymore. It’s Hollywood. A producer always looking for the next deal. Apple has entered a new game. Plus every Apple fan, as most civilians, has two jobs. One that pays their rent, the second being a film critic.
  • Apple's Tile-like tracking device named 'AirTag' in iOS 13.2

    "...  Now I just have to figure out what I'd actually want to stick them on.  I always hang my car keys up and carry my phone with me.  My remotes don't sneak off.  Oh, maybe my car?..."

    I've used Tile since it came out and it's been a lifesaver. Dropped my keys at a farmers market and only realized it when I got to my car. Went on my iPhone and tracked tile as it showed my route, which I retraced a half-block to store where owner was standing in door with my keys.  The beeps helped locate keys buried under papers, clothes and normal kid things. No battery, about two year + life.
    They have a new button sized stick-on ersion, good for me for sunglasses at the beach, which I lose consistently.