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  • Apple Card arrives in US this August

    Because it is broken. Many identity theft problems come from the fact that you share your credit card information with the merchant. A server hack (like happened at Home Depot a few years back, but there has been many since) or a dishonest store clerk can cause your info to be stolen and used for nefarious purposes -- or at best, your CC# can be used to track you and your shopping habits.
    By using ApplePay you isolate yourself with an extra layer of security, because the merchant does not get your CC#.
    Of course you can also use the Apple Card as a regular card. Compared to existing cards, it has some remarkable and unusual benefits (no fees whatsoever: no annual fee, no late fees, no international transaction fees, etc... and generous cash back).
    Yes, there are other great cards, and if you already have a Chase Sapphire Reserve you don't need an Apple Card. but it's a nice addition, considering the 2% cash back on every Apple Pay purchase and 1% on everything else.
    Agree. I frequent Home Depot and got dinged one night using Chase, but they send immediate notice of charges. I was still in the parking lot when "somebody" bought an $85 something, playing detective I walked back  in immediately, sorting through fifteen register lines...really had no idea of what I was doing, got woke for one minute and called Chase, blocked the account. Last week got a $100 charge two days in a row from the Valley, credit union at USC fixed and gave a new card, nothing but great service from them since I graduated.  so much for my drama, I welcome' Apple's protection and security efforts so I'm in for the new card.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook talks privacy, App Store monopoly, more in interview

    AZGuy said:
    Instead of Facebook being able to monitor apps, now Apple will!
    I much prefer Apple than FBAZGuy said:
    There is no question Apple has a monopoly on the App Store. The only way you can buy a book, TV, show, or movie is through Apple's app. You can't buy a book or show through the Amazon App or Prime Video app. Plus their new rules for apps limits innovation. Now app developers have to offer Apple Sign in.
    why would you buy a book or film in the Apple store when, at least in my experience, Amazon offers the most competitive prices.
  • Apple updates 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros with new Intel chips, enhanced butterfly keyboa...

    tht said:
    Apart from addressing Pro-users' voracious appetites for processing performance, the newly revamped MacBook Pro models also address keyboard issues that have continued to dog Apple's butterfly keyboard design. 

    The company has maintained that its butterfly design is used without problem by the vast majority of its users and that its notebooks achieve overall quality levels that are the best it has ever delivered. However, it has worked to continued to improve the design of its ultra slim butterfly mechanism so as to substantially reduce issues users may experience with unresponsive or double-typing keys.
    Is AI continuing to track keyboard repairs? Wonder how the 2018 models are fairing in regards to keyboards.

    1st gen butterfly has plastic domes
    2nd gen butterfly has metal domes
    3rd gen butterfly has silicone muffler
    4th gen has “new materials”

    The tolerances on the design look really really tight to me, and the reliability issues could be caused by any number of issues. 

    I have no idea why they started futzzing around with the keyboard in the first place. One of Ive's minions must have said...lets modernize touch typing.....I've had three different butterfly keyboards and they all sucked..big time...and I type well...and fast...on screenplays..and it's been one botched job after another. I would really really like to know who decided to change the keys and how much they type.
  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    apple ][ said:
    The vote was split but not along party lines, with even Republican Justice Brett Kavanaugh acknowledging the case should go forward.
    Kavanaugh was the only one and he was joined by 4 liberals.

    The court's four liberal justices joined Kavanaugh in the 5-4 decision.
    I’m not understanding your post. What AI wrote is the same thing you wrote. 5-4 vote, not on party lines as Kavanaugh acknowledged the case should go forward. 
  • Apple says Norwegian political party's logo might be confused with its own, objects to tra...

    mattinoz said:
    tokyojimu said:
    What’s next? Objecting to apple farmers’ use of an apple in their logo?
    As I understand it Trademark law requires defense or the owner has reduced protection.
    So Apple needs to make the claim even if the court is likely to defeat it to protect the scope of their trademark. 
    I remember seeing other cases where a tm wasn't defended even though not an exact replication, and it weakened the position in later litigation. I say smart move, even though I doubt anyone would confuse the two at second glance, but then there are people who still
    confuse bits with bytes.