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  • Apple to grow and revamp Century City store in LA with mall's $1B expansion

    tokyojimu said:
    A larger Apple Store and a soon-to-open Din Tai Fung at the same mall. What more could one want? Oh, the delicious 眉州東坡 restaurant already there. 
    Haven't tried your rest rec but I stopped going to Century City mall years ago. It's.a. nightmare. for parking and ease of navigation, acres of floors of parking almost as bad as Beverly Center. I live close to the Grove and tho not as Town Hallish as CC will be, always has new products, 8 floors of easy access parking with fast elevators (stairs as well) to Apple Store which is 30 seconds from exit on ground floor. I've had great experiences at Genius Bar for more advanced issues, ppl generous with their time. All that's far more important to me than a community center. The Grove is already Disneyland flavored, plenty of communal seating and meeting places, a little train tram kids love, tons of coffee and cafes, books, clothes, retail.
     If Ms Arenhardt (is listening) and insists on spending money burning a hole in her purse and wanting to go bigger, then move and most def bring back the little stage/presentation area that brought good crowds for bands using Apple software, great tech presentations, training space for classes. In this town THAT is communal.
    And more advanced staff.
  • Nine Years of Apple's iOS SDK generated $60 billion, 1.4 million jobs

    ireland said:
    I'm highly suspicious of that 1.4 million jobs number. I imagine a number of those so-called jobs are not earning a living wage.
    A "job" does not infer a living wage, in govt terminology or private work force. A lot of potential opportunities were created when SJ opened the third party gates.
    60b is amazing. Some friends are developers creating games, and they love the process of creating. Some do it as side venture until they get a foot in the door, others just dabble. I work in film creation and like most creators I would love a home run, still love the process.
  • Apple's health hires geared towards sharing, interpreting data, including new Watch apps

    TomE said:
    ...  It is like the new Coke machines - they slow down the dispensing of the product.  3-4 clicks to select a Raspberry Coke.  Once I got used to it, Coke marketing (idiots) changed the programing of the machine.

    Those idiots were your doctors friend. Slurping down those 40+ gram hits of delicious sugar can lead some to hypertension, irritability at short delays, pontificating (at length) and....erm...diabetes and more.
  • Apple rumored to open first Austrian store in Vienna

    Great! I have a Viennese screenwriting partner and spend a lot of time in Vienna. They have third party shops, best for me has been MacShark on Mariahilfer St, but having a full store with genius support will be good for Mac users, definitely less expensive than the third party shops,even though some are good. I think the reason they waIted so long is they couldn't find enough Viennese techies who were willing to run up and down the Kärntner Straße yelling, clapping, hive five-ing people in line. 
  • Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones

    bdkennedy said:
    Steve would have done something for the person that bought it.
    "...the billionth unit was sold sometime last week..." 
    This isn't modeled after iTunes giveaways or a competition where some wizard at some computer watches each iPhone sale made in all time zones in all parts of the world and notifies corporate when they reach a number.  
    I still wonder how a person can agonize over S. Jobs  and feel clairvoyant enough to channel a dead man's thoughts and never exercised actions. Or maybe some one is retired and it gives hope to get through the day, though an insult to the judgement of the person who selected Cook to manage Apple.