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  • Pokemon Go launches in the UK, is now the biggest mobile game in US history

    apple ][ said:
    I agree with you about the dumb people playing with no regard to the surrounding area but for every negative story you read you can find a positive one about people making new friends and stuff like that. There is always another side. 
    "Sure, I agree that there are also some positive aspects to it also. ...
    But you know me. I tend to focus on the negative side of things usually."

      Well at least you're upfront about your take on life, Sir (I assume you're male). This issue is so close to my real life it's scary. 
    You take pride in your attitude, while
    my old maid aunt relishes, at every opportunity, reminding all the family, at every gathering, how "things are going to hell in a hand basket"...including the holiday we're celebrating, yet wonders why she could never hook a man and still sees herself as the voice of what's right and wrong. Tells my little brother to "keep right on playing your silly games, you will flunk out of school soon". He's been in top 5% of his h.s. for 3 years, loves programming, out "pokès" his buds and gf.
  • Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 7' to ditch Space Gray for 'Deep Blue' color option

    cpsro said:
    If this rumor is true, it pretty much cinches the deal on the iPhone 7 looking a whole lot like the 6s. People lapped up pink iPhones because it showed from afar that one owned the latest model. A blue iPhone will do the same for the iPhone 7. And if space gray is phased out, everyone who currently owns that color will be advertising they own an old model and will be coerced to buy the 7. I'm kinda tired of this obvious sales tactic and all of the money-centric fashion-ness. So much for the iPhone being "the smartphone for the rest of us."
    "...if space gray is phased out, everyone who currently owns that color will be advertising they own an old model and will be coerced to buy the 7..."

    this sounds like something my little sister would think...or even think about. my gf is quite the fashionista in clothing, but never in a million years be "coerced" by a new color to buy one to show she had the newest phone. but, everybody has their quirks.
  • Apple will attempt data extraction on iPhone of teen lost at sea, report says

    I'm sure I'll get berated and belittled for this, but it does seem ironic that Apple has agreed to help in this regard but now routinely refuses requests to aid law enforcement. 
    I think you only be advised, not "berated or belittled " for not understanding the fundamental differences in the two situations, and the issue of "precedence" in legal terms.
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  • Tesla recruits prominent Apple Store leader to run its LA County showrooms

    The Tesla store in SM at 3rd St Promenade is a great experience, even if not buying a Tesla. Interactive features you can try out on your "dream model", cutaways of the chassis, undercarriage, battery unit. Good store layout, very user friendly and helpful staff who know cars. Niten is walking into an excellent position, with store footprints likely to increase exponentially over the next two to three years with a product, not unlike Apple, that has a market waiting.
  • AT&T hikes smartphone activation & upgrade fee to $20, matching Verizon

    lkrupp said:
    Enough with the fake outrage. For every AT&T hater there’s a corresponding Verizon hater, Sprint hater, T-Mobile hater, whatever hater. For every Fandroid Lemming there’s an Apple Sheep. Fort every Ford hater there’s a GM hater, Dodge hater, Tesla hater. Does it feel good to vent your impotence on a public forum? One bozo on another website called for the nationalization of the mobile industry. Really? Who would want that?
    and one could say to you......Does it feel good to vent your impotence on a public forum?