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  • Apple's Siri updated to understand sexual assault queries, provide help

    seanie248 said:
    cali said:
    Oh Lord.

    Prepare for all the females asking Siri this question and using it as evidence to get back at men.
    uncalled for. not nice
    "get back at men"...sounds like someone who has problems with women
  • FBI using Israeli firm Cellebrite to help break into San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone

    freerange said:
    It is time for us all to stand up to the government and demand that they do their job with the resources they have rather than forcing companies to rewrite their software and pose a threat to all. We have been spending 100's of BILLIONS on national security since 9/11. No one ever said it is our role to make their job as easy for them as possible, at the expense of our own freedoms and personal security. If they can't manage to do their jobs with the resources they have then we should look for new leaders to replace them. Period.
    And posting this passionate defense of liberty in a comment section is entirely useless. What course of action are you proposing? Because signing a petition means nothing. You have to actually **do** something. 
    "...posting this passionate defense of liberty in a comment section is entirely useless."
    An entirely baseless comment"

    Your posts seem extremely judgmental (and you seem to love using the word "entirely", a word that holds little value in true debate), but nevertheless...wonder what the name "eliangonzal" represents? Have to assume it is not a verbal protest/celebration.

  • Apple should work with carmakers instead of building vehicle on its own, Fiat Chrysler CEO says

    The biggest challenge by far is for Jony Ive's team to make it thin enough to fit in those 500 glass walled car showrooms worldwide.
  • Apple lead attorney Bruce Sewell to testify before US Congress on encryption debate March 1

    jdgaz said:
    If I were Apple I would not show up at a roundtable entitled "The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans' Security and Privacy.". There is no tightrope here. Either we have security and privacy or we don't. 
    This is hardly a round table. It is the House of Reps hearing before congress begins to weigh in on legislation options. You are, in effect, telling Apple not to present their side of the case before the other side does. It's not like a kid's game of cover my eyes and you can't see me. It's doing what the FBI did NOT do before filing with the court. The FBI filed their ex party with the court without first notifying Apple (normal procedure for their position to be presented to the judge assigned the case),  notified the press, filed,  then notified Apple. You can't not participate no matter how you think staying at home is going to solve any problem.
  • Apple raises iPhone, iPad prices in Germany to account for copyright levy

    Soli said:
    What doesn't read properly to you? I would have used "...meted to creative professionals…," since out is either implied or redundant, depending on slant.
    I don't think it takes a genius to understand why one might question...." including "creators, producers and acting artists of erotic and pornographic films." 
    As far as I know, porn in Deutschland is not considered an art form, although many 
    films that are erotic in nature certainly are and have been so considered. 
    Your grammar lesson doesn't bear weight on that issue.