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  • Apple officially discontinues AirPort router product line, available while supplies last [...

    Boy I sure miss Steve Jobs vision of a unified Apple universe. Apple airport extreme is easy to use and rock solid. No fuss, no muss... in other words... they are great.

    However now it appears some MBA point paper /spreadsheet has kicked in--- since Apple cannot sell a gazillion (but probably still makes money) --- skeeech off with its head. Standard busyschool ops says re-allocate your cash for better returns. But wait... Apple has $500 billion doing nothing!!!!   ugh... I do not get the world these guys live in.

  • Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air - and Apple's future - 10 years ago today

    When Steve Jobs showed off the MacBook Air to a collective gasp from the tech industry one decade ago, nobody could yet know its importance as a harbinger of Apple's future.



    Today, the MacBook Air survives largely thanks to inertia. It never got a Retina display and has been surpassed as Apple's best thin-and-light option by the 12-inch MacBook and even the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Windows-based Ultrabooks perform acrobatics the Air could never dream of.

    While todays machine are nice... IMO they are 90%-er machines and did not seem that way before. Don't need that this or that for one reason or another because only 10%(or what ever) use that feature. So in the end its a hunk a metal with poor keyboard and a great screen... and oodles of dongles! I mean come on--- Apple, you got rid of the magsafe!!! (granted there is a  3rd party version to use with TB3... another dongle!!!)

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  • Apple said to ditch home button for Face ID with thinner bezeled 2018 iPad Pros, but don't...

    Its good to hear everyone is love'n FaceID (I have not used myself); at first glance(pun) I was leery about automatic unlock and easy access to home screen etc, but it seems everyone is good with that, with no major issues-- cool, guess Tim is correct, the future of smartphones(personal devices).

  • iPhone X review: Apple's Face ID vision for the future of iOS

    Rayz2016 said:
    larrystar said:
    Yes, people have actually bought it, so it’s affordable. 

    Come on... fine lets play that game --- 'affordable to significant amount of present Apple iphone owners that have purchased their iphone as a new flagship phone when it came out?'
  • Google's $649 5" Pixel 2, $849 6" Pixel 2 XL smartphones want to be your main squeeze, wit...

    "We don't set aside better features for the larger device," said Google VP Mario Queiroz in a clear dig at Apple, earning laughter and applause from the audience at Wednesday's keynote.

    So you have a mediocre phone in a small case and a lot of wasted potential in the larger case?

    The people were right to laugh... At how deluded Google really is.

    Or... they filled it with battery. Even so, IMO the point is just as valid a way to look at it---give the 'regular size' phone the same 'feature' ie  camera. Plus size-- Pay for bigger screen /battery.  However, 200 bucks more for the xl... eeee--gessh.