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  • Pundits believe Apple's Jony Ive no longer involved in iPhone, Mac product design [u]

    asdasd said:
    The loss of Jobs and Ive ( who were like Lennon and McCartney better as a team) is potentially a big blow. 

    I agree, IMO -- they were a good team, also with Scott Forestall they all called BS to each other stupid ideas... no Ayn Rand here.  Individually or without each other--- just not the same cream coming to the top.

    And just to beat the crap out of this dead-horse and stomp on the carcass --- no head phone jack on iphone 7--- meh you don't need it or use a dongle/wireless--- but leaving it in the new MacBook Air... um Pro -- oh umm... the Audio Pro's cant use a 'dongle';  reeks of BS to me.

    Not saying Steve would have done differently than above(Id like to think so), but Steve Jobs was famous for sweating details and calling people up on Sunday afternoon or middle of the night to 'fix it'...

    Is there team there like these guys and is anyone at Apple doing that kind of sweating of details and can force changes?

  • With Apple abandoning AirPort, here are the best alternative Wi-Fi routers for Mac users

    Like so many other posts, I used to have router problems up the ka-zoo.  Paid the money for an Apple airport extreme, bam.. easy peezy... done. Update firmware - click yes bam done. Gosh so easy

    Now if the new routers out there have similar  'set-up' for 'stupid-o'(me)  that is easy like airport extreme... , great go ahead Apple and kill it ---- if not... IMO- one more nail in the Apple coffin.

    Obviously I do not know, but I have read things that implied Steve Jobs would install all this crap in his home, he would get PO that it would not just work. Thus what we have. (could all be RDF)

    I wonder who installs this stuff in Timmy and Jony's home(s's plural?)?

  • Apple's new MacBook Pro has generated 7x more revenue than 12" MacBook at launch

    lkrupp said:
    Were we really expecting anything different to happen? How many times have the technorati and so-called “pro” users condemned and vilified Apple for their design choices only to wind up with egg on their faces when the sales figures are released. Those same critics are now questioning the validity of these reports. How could something that was so denigrated and panned by the elite be selling well?

    I’m comparing this to the recent election campaigns. The media, the intellectuals, the polls, the pundits, the elite all predicted a slam dunk for Clinton. It was a done deal... until the votes were cast. 

    When a MacBook Air is updated and 'called' the MacBook Pro... of course it sells well.  This is not a PRO notebook anymore (it was when it was introduced way back when) in the 'kick arse' sense of features, Port, CPU/GPU power etc.  Is it really needed... that's the business decision Apple made... No.

    Regarding your assumptions of polls etc-- IMO- The problem with this years polls (as pointed out by Nate Silvers 538 late last week) was the large undecided number (at lease double from 2012 if I recall correctly) especially in the battle ground states. They indicated it could break hard one way or another. This result was not too big of a surprise to those that did their research (independent of candidate affiliation). 

  • Apple exec Eddy Cue talks future of TV at Vanity Fair event

    IMO -- If he thinks the present Apple TV interface is 'the future' interface, I disagree. If one knows basically what one wants to watch- eg Bewitched... . the interface / search Sire, is very pretty and efficient to get to find shows that have 'Bewitched'. However for exploring, and I think most people are in this group, functionally it worse than Apple TV2 for 'exploring'... what is playing etc. There will be nothing that surpasses a list view instead of icons for every single freak'n show. What a pain to scroll through.  Also, the Apple TV2 click wheel was much better. No auto fast forward... only move that finger just right on that track pad... opps yiles to far, no.. .geesh. . YMMV
  • Ecobee3 Lite cuts smart thermostat's price while keeping Apple HomeKit support

    I have used most of the smart thermostats. They all have paid for themselves through energy savings and probably on convenience alone from my perspective. I often thought if one of these companies can hit the $99 mark with a smart thermostat they would really knock it out of the park. I do not like the fact that this runs on batteries. That is a deal breaker from me. I do like the direction overall that they are going with trying to get the price point low enough.

    I finally like the idea of setting the stat via voice via my Amazon Echo and IFTTT etc (IMO-- Apple--- you snooze you lose. Non- TV commands should have been part of Siri in Apple TV-- without that silly remote... what a colossal miss... IMO)

    Which stat do you like best for a simple use case (one stat rules my small house)?

    Integtrates best with IFTTT/Perhaps Apple Phone home app when away?

    Any review sites to recommend?

    Also--- for my use case, batteries is it. How often do you have to re-charge or change? I have a simple programmable stat and the battery has been in for a few years.