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  • Latest rumor pegs secure iris scanner for Apple's 2017 iPhone

    IMO- don't need this level of device security at least I don't. Id much rather carry a 'device' RFID key. 'device' is unlocked when around the tag, otherwise passwords/fingerprint.

    But in the corporate world---  the major corporation I work at will not allow iphones. Blackberry still rules (believe it or not). We are slowly moving to Samsungs KNOX. For usability KNOX is a pain-- syncing certs, phone login, then KNOX logins required etc etc. Its a system within a system.  Step it up Apple.. something 'Apple simple' for the corporate world! [keep in mind corporations want their own dedicated secure location servers]

  • Watch: Apple Lightning EarPods for 'iPhone 7' supposedly appear in new video

    View from a far, a bit over the top I know but... enjoy! ---

    90% only use Apple earbuds anyways, don't need a 3.5 mm jack --- piss on the other 10%(and all there existing hardware and plus the can buy the special adapter for $$)

    90% of the time users don't charge their battery while listening to music --- piss on the other 10% that need to

    90% only need x amount of much battery life anyways --- piss on the other 10% that do

    90% will figure out non-schemorphic(sp) interface--- piss on the other 10% that cant figure everything out

    90% don't use Pro software anyways --- piss on the 10% that do (and by the way are usually the biggest free 1%'ers cheerleaders for Apple)

    90% only need (fill in the blank) ... piss on the other 10%

    My recollection of the old Apple was that they were fairly uncompromising in regards to the user experience, pissing off 10% was not acceptable too often.

    We now seem to have a steam roll of '90/10 compromises' for the user where in some manner every one gets --- 'pissed on'!.


  • Chinese protesters smashing Apple iPhones over UN tribunal South China Sea decision

    Its certainly a weird position that the USA --- on one hand want the open seas etc and 'quietly' support Philippines, Vietnam etc;  on the other hand, USA has not signed the treaty that these countries are using as their claim for territory in the international court!

    Tribalism... it will be (one of) the un-doing of humanity.

  • Rumor: Apple latest bidder for Formula 1 race series

    Say what? Buy the whole series...  Really? Well maybe they would bring a race to Monterey.
    heres a crazy idea.---Make a home device that is a computer, tv streaming device, music player, wifi router, voice Internet interface device, home data cloud storage all in one. You get it--- music player, tv controller, Internet interface...(channeling Steve Jobs).
    oh and even more crazy--- make professional level(best in class) apps for photo editing, book creation, music player, movie editing... Oh wait...D'oh... Oh never mind, crawling back under my rock, wake me when it's over. /s
  • Apple expands iPhone "Trade Up" program to cover carrier fees, lowers maximum handset value

    Damn if that Steve Jobs did not drive some fine deals with music and phone industries for us customers. Now its like---

    "I give you Arrakis( iphone owners) to squeeze as I promised! It's yours to squeeze! And squeeze! Give me spice($$)!" 

    sgt shizzlexiamenbill