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  • Apple's iPhone install base features growing 'powder keg' ripe for upgrades, Cowen says

    igorsky said:
    volcan said:
    So by recent offerings you mean the iPhone 6s? You know the one with optical camera stabilization, shoots 4K video, has TouchID, 3D Touch, Continuity, AirPlay, FileDrop, FaceTime, always on Siri, LTE Advanced, Wi-Fi Assist, integration with Apple Watch, 12 MP Live photos, Taptic Engine not to mention the fasted 64 bit processor, and GPU that are literally 70% and 90% faster than the previous model, also the Metal coprocessor for better battery life and gaming, and probably more that I can't think of right now including the best developer environment of any other platform.

    When I see comments like yours I honestly wonder what would actually impress you.
    I wonder if these same people set the same untenable standards for themselves in their own lives that they set for Apple.

    IPhone is a product, not a life. If the product is good enough to buy/upgrade.. all the extra bells and whistles don't matter... unless they really do.... that's the point.

    What is the compelling use case for those vast majority of older phone users to upgrade?

     IMO - once the larger screen came out, not much. All those tech things quoted above are nice, neat, cool, but for the vast majority, perhaps sadly, irrelevant. They just want text, email, internet search, camera, phone... probably in that order.

  • Apple TV's universal search picks up Bravo, E!, Syfy & USA

    I probably got this backwards from most users use case - but I would have a preferred an automatic 'visual' universal curated category listing as soon as the ATV wakes up..

    I sort of understand why Apple wants to do it with Siri... its neat yes, good for focused  topics  eg Louis CK, etc

    But.. in generally when watching TV--- Im in total vegetable mode, I'm visual and lazy as all get out---  I don't want to think have no desired 'things to watch'--- ... show me everything in lists etc with curated categories and Ill scroll till I see something I like. IOW-  Merge all various app content in predefined categories visually.  Sort of ala Netflix app/YouTube app. Then use Siri if cant find a specific / desired. As I said, I probably got this backward...  wouldn't be the first time.

  • Tony Fadell, "father of the iPod," steps down from CEO post at Google's Nest

    I didn't read Tony's blog announcing that he is leaving Google, because I have read plenty of these tales over the years -- including a couple of knee-slappers from my own ex-bosses. Here's a guess: Mr. Fadell is leaving his job at Google so he can spend more time with his family. He has been planning this move for several months. His exit comes while he is still at the top of his game. He has already started working on another exciting project, which he will announce at a later date. He will be sorely missed by everyone at Google. He will continue sharing his experience and insights with the company in the months ahead.

    Hey watch out --- you'll get slapped with copyright infringement from 'Name a Ivy League School' masters of business course - 502 - Effective Corporate Employee Communication [translation - how to BS, avoid blame and say nothing to your employees. Note - be aware, if they really believe you, you have idiots working for you!]   /s
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  • iCloud Music Library outage triggers error messages, disappearing libraries for Apple Music users

    iCloud has been banned from my devices afrer incorrect identification for messaging (SMS is not iCloud so send it to correct phone number - not random Apple devices that are carried by different family members). Since Apple does not seem to get concept of identification (what's personal/private and what's not) I logged out from iCloud long time ago and asked them to wipe out all their settings for me. This only proves that I did right thing. Right now I skip that nagging me to login to iCloud services every time I have iOS upgrade, but on day it forces me, I am dumping iPhone and goping Android with all its (Android) problems. At least I hope is not so aggressive system as iOS and Apple with limping cloud solution yet trying to impose model of use on world). I have large library of converted music and videos and i am not asking Apple to store them for me. I have quite large and very reliable servers at home that I could run my own cloud services.

    Bbbbbut its the future! /s

    Im with you- maybe icloud as one part of a backup solution, but not main storage and then... stream it down when you need it... that's just crazy. I think Tim etc need to have the Steve Jobs experience--- go off on a retreat and drop some acid... clear their  heads to some  creative thinking


  • Apple supplier Foxconn replaces 60,000 workers with robots

    farmboy said:
    Nah. Australia raised their minimum wage a big amount, and despite all the furor, it raised the price of a Big Mac about $0.45. The gloom-and-doomers are full of it. You can pay a lot of workers a lot of hours before you get to the cost of robotics for a burger job.
    The gloom and doomers aren't full of it. You can't even compare Australia. The raising of the minimum wage in California will be the highest ever in the world. The minimum wage increase is going to cost close to a million jobs. Some parts of California its going to hurt a lot, especially in the farming communities. Farmers will be cutting their work force and food prices will go up. With many jobs being wiped out, it's going to cost California taxpayers billions with more people going on welfare. Even our own governor admitted the minimum wage increase is going to cost a ton of jobs. Here is Jerry Brown's quote:  “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense.”  Take Oakland for example, when the minimum wage was increased there to $12.25, food prices increased 20%. Fast food places aren't switching to robotics. They are switching to automated ordering. All the McDonalds in my area have started to install the monitors for ordering. 

    Yes they are full of it ... so there!

    Do you have vetted sources for these statements or is the anecdotal observation (ie Opinion) that is presumed to be universal?

    in my OPINION-- I do think they should have concentrated on worker benefits before raising wages(health/retirement/school minimums).  Raising the minimum wage is more like a flat tax, affects the working poor more than the average consumer. BUT also in theory, raising min wage by your own statement implication should lift more off food stamps and housing assistance etc. Its a balance how far to go before detrimental affects take over beneficial affects.

    BTW-- check which countries(especially Europe) do not have 'by law' minimum wage. Its interesting! But keep in mind most EU countries  have trade unions