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  • Apple to partner with Coach on new leather Apple Watch bands, coming as soon as June

    I kind of agree with @sog35 on some of the point. ...

    God forbid, me also... but he has some elements in his rambling rants diatribes that ring true... partially, maybe, sometimes, on occasion.

    Here are some things that could be used as legit criticisms against Apple and Yes there are valid counter arguments also.

    • The unwritten 80(user uses it, needs it etc) / 20 (user does not) rule is ok as it goes; but eventually with enough products/feature, your users are going to be bit by the 20 artificial limitation you build in and tick them off!!!. Perhaps shoot for 90/10 or maybe, just maybe a 99/1!
    • Passing on some established internet opportunities like You-tube and Waze.
    • Instead of 115 billion stock buyback, buy Comcast, Disney or whatever. Something to be longer term 'stable' revenue generator. Otherwise admit profits could go drastically down once iPhone growth phase is over.
    • Apple      Music is a disaster;  its focused on the industry execs / entertainer profits and not focusing on the customer access/user experience. Free (ad supported) Customer access for ALL USERS, not a pay per month is the natural profit level for industry. Taking down Apple radio (ad supported) etc... is a flip from Steve Jobs view. 15 Mil users is trivial in the sense of 1Billion potential users. What if they charge 20 dollars a year for streaming...x 500 million users... not too shabby
    • Low memory storage in devices is crap- 80/20? rule, is used to upsell, cloud up sell;  or makes for faster obsolesce (and I think Steve would do this too)
    • Tossing professional apps aside is short sighted--- same 80/20 rule - but professional apps lead the way for consumer updates-- gives status/cache to Apple from the movers/shakers in various industry. Steve wanted to 'compete' and kick ass! with professional industry.. no freaking solid gold computer on my wristy thing is going to do that.
    • Non-user upgradeable devices is crap (and I think Steve would do this too)
    • ATV4 not 4k capable (WTF? 80/20 rule again)?
    • Ipad pro 9.7-- USB 2 data speeds (WTF? 80/20 rule again)
    • Lack of ports. One more stinking port on the MacBook.. really, that's a deal breaker for you Apple? (80/20 rule again?)
    • $1699 WDCC... really, even though its a lottery and you have $200 billion in the bank (oh forgot had to pay back share holders first)
    • ibook author 'fantastic'... um what happen?
    • Bring back skeuomorphism. I have no idea how to get a lot of features anymore with out going to 'google' to find out how. This isn't Microsoft!!
    • A car?  Pick you lane and stay in it Apple.. pun intended

  • iPhone's global marketshare falls to 15.3% in March quarter amid tough Chinese competition

    hjmnl said:
    I'm willing to bet you don't even have the MacBook ultraportable, so I'm not sure why it having adapters for added ports is an issue to you.

    Huh? - One must own the device to know they don't want it or it wont work for their needs?

    I agree, IF I needed many accessory's ---this one port to rule them all / Apple dongle is a fiasco. However, Apple knows(or thinks it knows) 80% of the users don't care its one port(although I think they are wrong on this number, like when the Air added ports too).

  • Intel details new Skylake chips hinting at Apple's future 15" MacBook Pro specs

    I have a 2013 15 inch rMBP. Im still 'wow'd' at how great it is. Cant see myself upgrading(unless on a whim) for a long time. [as I pound away on my 'newer' work computer(windows7/Dell tech computer)... that is utter and complete - ewww and yuck]
  • San Jose signs off on massive new Apple development, company's plans still nebulous

    Don't I see a sign that says--

    Coming soon--

    Home of the new Apple iCar mega factory.