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  • New York state considers bill mandating backdoors in smartphone encryption

    Wow, any legislator who voted for this could say goodbye to reelection.  Not only would it be extremely unpopular with many voters knowing government can pry into their privacy but it would also be damaging to NYC economy.  If you ban stores in NYC from selling devices that don't provide a backdoor guess what, PEOPLE WILL BUY IT ELSEWHERE!  Sorry all you local tech companies, your state government just banned the sale of technology that doesn't give law enforcement a backdoor, looks like you'll be loosing all your sales to businesses online or across state lines.
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  • First look: Apple's lightweight 3.6oz Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

    melgross said:
    berenz said:
    I think I was just a little bit sick in my mouth. Apart from adding bulk and looking far from Apple's usual high-standards, it's surely an admission that the battery on the 6 and 6S are still woefully inadequate. I'd sacrifice having a thinner iPhone for 50% increase in battery - and even that wouldn't last me a full day at least a couple of times per week

    Nope its not. The battery lasts all day if you aren't some wanker who has to be on it all the damn time. Apple didn't design the iPhone to be practically attached to your face and most folks don't treat it like that. 

    If anything this is designed for those folks that can't put their phone away and want to cry and whine about how their phone only lasts 8 hours. Why shouldn't Apple make a bit more money off them. 
    Apple gets knocked for creating this culture where everybody's got their face stuck looking at a phone all the time yet at the same time people bitch about battery life. Perhaps if people didn't spend 24/7 on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. their phone would get decent battery life.
    The 6 and 6S have battery lives that are at the top range for phones with screens of that size. The 6+ and 6S+ have much better battery life, as do other phones with the larger screens. There's no point in complaining here. People, as a class, do seem to want thinner devices. And we're seeing fewer devices, particularly on the high end, from any manufacturer, with replaceable batteries. It seems that, despite the complaints from the geeks in tech sites, few people actually buy replaceable batteries.

    No matter what the battery life is, some people are always going to complain that they want more. There are two things that those peop,e can try.

    One is to contact the manufacturer and tell them that. If enough people do, maybe they'll listen.

    Two is to stop buying that manufacturers product. That will tell them something as well.
    I think you hit it on the head.  Everyone likes to spell doom & gloom for Apple when they do something they personally don't agree with.  Hello!  Apple is a multi billion dollar company, they do have a PR department & they do dish out quite a bit to R&D.  I'm pretty sure they are seeing trends in the market & pursuing them.  

    Best example I can think of is how many Apple fanatics on these forums blasted people for wanting a phone with a bigger screen & accused them of being in the minority.  Well, polling data is out & actually those of us (that's right, I'm not a fan of the bigger screen) who like the smaller form factor of the iPhone 5, 5c, & 5s are in the minority.  At the end of the day Apple is going to do what makes them money, they are a business after all.  People need to get their head out of the tech critic cloud & see the world for how it really is & not for how a bunch of narcissistic geek bloggers think it should be.

    On that note, Kuddos to AI, I often return to this site because in my opinion you are one of the more balanced & fair tech blogging sites out there.  Even being so obviously & unapologetically pro Apple I rarely feel I'm getting the rose colored review of Apple News.