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  • Google is downplaying Android to focus its future on Chrome OS

    MR.Dilger seems to have anger problems towards Android, or anything that isnt apple products for that nature
    Youre nuts. DED’s articles are always well-reasoned and explain why Apple is doing fine and others aren’t as rosy as some would have us believe. If you think that’s “anger” then, well, youre nuts.
    Lol...DED articles read like they were written by Nunzy...if Nunzy was articulate rather than a one line post troll...

    Its not like Apple isn't doing fine and generally the articles are fine for the first few paragraphs but eventually it shifts to Nunzyland and even as a fanboy I'm like "Woah...that's just silly.

    Android didn't pan out as Google planned but it sure is a major success from every perspective, especially from Google's point of view.  Had Windows Phones become dominant then Bing would have been the major mobile search engine.  iOS was never an existential threat...especially given that Apple, even at peak annoyed, didn't replace Google on the search bar.  

    That ASOP sucks for Google is their own fault for pulling out of China and maintaining a presence and fighting for share.
  • Panasonic announces new line of Lumix S full-frame mirrorless cameras for 2019

    avon b7 said:

    Again, on autofocus I said it was a drawback too.

    As for saying "nothing can touch xxx on xxx". That is a worthless statement. Especially when you cherry pick items from different cameras to compare them to a camera that doesn't even exist yet. Why not add where 'nothing can touch Panasonic' too? 
    Because there isn't an area where Panasonic still reigns supreme.  The GH-5 isn't the clear winner in any segment given the Sony video capabilities.

    I don't say that the A9 is unmatched for mirrorless AF.  Measured performance does.
    Yes, companies have strong points. Big surprise! But what will the S1 series do? Oh, you don't know! Nobody knows. The announcement is interesting for that very reason! If you want to use the 'nothing can touch' line, at least wait to see what Panasonic eventually plunks on the table and then use it.
    Nope.  You can spend forever waiting and 2018 is when I and many others jump into FF mirrorless because we've been waiting for Nikon and Canon to take the plunge.  Panasonic has had years to challenge Sony and decided to wait until the rather glacial Nikon and Canon have released FF mirrorless.  

    The one area that Panny might be able to trump the others is with a global shutter.  They've been claiming that they are on the brink of an organic CMOS sensor with global shutter singe 2013.  Eventually they probably will ship.  Before Sony?  Eh.

    It's unlikely that they will ship the S1 before the A7SIII even if the A7SIII is unannounced.  The A7SIII is more likely to be the "first FF camera with 4K/60" video than the S1.
    500lb gorilla? They are all 500lb gorillas as companies. If you start breaking things down, then different companies will be bigger than others in different areas. In the area we are actually talking about, it is Sony, not Canon. They have an almost five year lead.
    Putting Sony, Nikon and Canon in the same group to say they make up 90% of the market serves ZERO purpose beyond stating the obvious. We are talking about Panasonic's entry into the market and the effect it will have on the others. The whole point is to see what impact it will have. Saying that those three currently have 90% of the market is utterly besides the point. The point is that Panasonic will take some of that share. The point is 'how much' and 'who from' but until we actually have a product on the market, those three taking 90% among themselves is worthless.
    The Sony 5 year lead is debatable with the Nikon Z6/Z7 being at the same general technical level as the A7III/A7RIII.  The Canon is a weird offering but its Canon.  

    The issue is folks won't wait for Panasonic to get it's FF act together sometime in 2019 and folks are buying into systems.  L mount seems meh at the moment and no better optically than the E mount in terms of flange and throat diameter.
    You spoke about Panasonic's track record in mirrorless video but now you throw in the Nikon Z6!!!?? A camera that isn't even available against a camera that's been on the market for a while now. Given that Panasonic track record, Nikon had a good model to follow!
    As for Blackmagic destroying Panasonic on its own video turf, well, that's your little fantasy right now. The reality is that the GH series changed the industry, Nikon is amazingly late to the game and this is about the S Series, not the GH series. Two completely different areas.
    The Z7 is shipping and the video is very good.  The Z6 video is better.  They announced and shipped within a month...Panasonic instead pulled a Mac Pro.  

    The BMPCC4K offers 4K DCI/60 RAW for $1300 using m43 lenses.  For sure it destroys the GH5 unless there is something seriously wrong with it or really late.  Panasonic will have lost its m43 video stronghold AND has been getting pressured by FF 4K offerings from Sony and now Nikon. 
    As for 'erosion' I think the opposite is true. They are basically saying, 'look at what we have in the pipe. You might want to hold off on any near term purchase until you see the finished product'. And not only the S1 Series. We will see if a GH6 appears on m4/3 in May 2019 or not.
    For sure fear of erosion.  Aren't you one of the Cassandra folks claiming that the Mac is doomed for professionals because of the Mac Pro "debacle"?  Isn't that just a "look what we have in the pipe. Please don't leave yet" announcement?  Announcing a FF system today for a release sometime in 2019 is the same thing.

    The difference is that Apple has a software ecosystem that will keep pro's engaged.  For all your negativity FCPX is still here and with ProRes Raw going to be even more relevant.  

    For m43 shooters switching to L mount means buying completely new lenses.  At that point Sony and Nikon are equally good options for FF video unless Panny can pull a global shutter rabbit out of its hat before Sony Semi does.

    And it's not just any global shutter sensor but one with good DR and AF performance.  If it's not good then 13 stops DR and 4K DCI RAW using the lenses you already own sounds like a really good stop gap vs going L mount.  If the GH6 isn't 4K RAW it's DOA unless BM screws the pooch.

    But given you don't know jack you're still talking generalities and handwaving nonsense.
  • What a difference a year makes: Apple Watch Series 4 versus Series 3

    With Apple Watch's main thrust going towards health and fitness I would like to see a comparison done by say, a cross country coach or committed athlete.

    Also, I cringe at the statement that the single lead EKG on the Apple Watch provides the same amount of information ("does the same thing") as a 12 lead in a physician's office.   They don't put those extra 11 leads on because they're bored.   Each lead serves an explicit purpose that no single lead can match.   That's not to disparage the AW EKG -- just the claim that its "does the same" as medical grade 12 lead.  That's like claiming a pickup truck does the same as a 12 ton dump truck.   Yes, they both "carry stuff", but...
    Unless the article has been edited the statement is this:

    "Though it is restricted in terms of accuracy -- equivalent to a one-lead ECG versus the 12-lead medical standard"

    I don't think that's the same as what you claim.


    Cardiology Today seems upbeat about it...as a lead 1 it's mostly there to detect a-fib and irregularities.  AliveCore has a 6 lead device coming...that should be interesting and about as good as a holder monitor.
  • As Apple's HomePod reaches multi-million unit sales, is a cheaper version necessary to com...

    nunzy said:
    Apple doesn't do cheap. Cheapskates buy Google.
    You mean, they sell themselves to Google?
    Not me, just my kids...
  • Huawei trolls Apple by handing out power banks to customers waiting in line for an iPhone ...

    avon b7 said:
    You have to wonde if the board is happy about this. 

    1) they just rewarded Apple customers with a product huawei paid for. 

    2) they GAVE away product to a competitors customers. 

    3) the messaging was actually not untrue. Everyone needs to charge their smart device at some point. A power bank is a great way to do it. 

    4) ZERO recipients will look at this and then think: “oh I’m going to buy these guys products now”

    5) must be for publicity only. 
    Point 5.

    People are talking about it. Even people who say they don't care will be looking out of the corner of one eye on October 16th just to see if there is anything interesting to write home about. For those who have bought a new 2018 iPhone, it will obviously be compared to the Mate 20, if only to reassure them that the price was worth it. For those sitting on the fence, there is a double hook. The Mate 20 itself and the P20 Pro will drop in price. If you want the tri camera, low light long exposure, hand held photography, 3x optical zoom (5x hybrid) and all that, the P20 Pro might tempt them seeing as Apple hasn't provided any of that this year and the P20 Series is Supercharge capable anyway.

    Even the most stalwart iPhone user will probably have some curiosity.
    "In China Android claimed 80.4% share in the three months to June 2018 – up by 2.0 percentage points. However, iPhone X continues to be the top selling device, making up 5.3% of all handsets sold – it has now been the best-selling model in China every month since its release in November 2017. "


    From your own link in the other thread where the iPhone continued to kick P20 Pro ass in its home market.  Go concern troll elsewhere.