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  • Compared: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro

    zeus423 said:
    Is it possible to NOT have the display always on with the Pro?  I seriously do not need that extra light on my nightstand at night or while the phone is in my pocket. 
    Yes, you can definitely have your sleeping iPhone 14 Pro like prior iPhones with no always-on display. Source: “iPhone User Guide”, the iOS 16 edition released today (available in Apple’s Books app). Search for “always on” and you’ll find you can disable always-on. It also mentions there are scenarios where the display is temporarily turned off: when starting a CarPlay session, when the phone is flipped face down, when it senses a paired Apple Watch is not nearby, and when sleep mode is activated (or otherwise around the time you generally stop using your phone when you go to bed). 
  • Apple introduces SharePlay, with access to Disney+, Hulu, and other streamers

    If “sharing” content like a movie or TV show, I wonder if all parties on the FaceTime call must have not only the app, but also a subscription on the service that’s providing the content. Seems to me Disney wouldn’t want people to SharePlay movies to multiple households if only 1 has a subscription. 
  • Pixelmator introduces discounted upgrade program for Pixelmator Pro

    I don't recall what I paid for the original Pixelmator but I'm getting only $5 off. 
    Same here, getting a "$35.00" offer.  I wonder if it matters if you got it at a previously discounted price.  I paid $14.99 for version 3.3 then (December 2014).
  • Samsung app leaks new Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds earphones, fitness bands

    gsteeno said:
    Blunt said:
    The numbers of the watch face are italic but why is sat italic and steps not? Makes no sense. You don't care? Well I do. Details… Samsung almost never pays attention.

    Good eye, and spot-on comment.
    They practically lifted the “running man” Workout app icon from Apple Watch. Such amazing innovation and originality. 
  • Apple rolls out watchOS 5.1.2 update, complete with ECG function

    emoeller said:
    Download and operates fine - Sinus Rhythm, I'm going to live another day.   

    FYI, my Xs bricked on the 5.1 update, but no problems with this update.
     Watch ECG app tells me to set it up in Health app on iPhone, but I can’t get Health app to trigger ECG setup. Did yours just pop up a window to do it?