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  • Apple Watch 'Series 4' leak shows slimmer chassis with larger screen & new watch face

    That metal looks way too shiny to be aluminum.  I imagine that's a new "gold" color for the steel Apple Watch, very likely color matched to the new gold steel-frame option of the iPhone XS shown in the 9to5Mac photo.
  • TSMC recovers 80 percent of virus-hit production line, warns of production delays

    ronn said:
    Much ado about nothing. Apple is so large that either TSMC will make sure there won’t be a delay in production for them or alternatively Apple can just announce a release date that’ll ensure adequate supply. There can’t be a delay when there hasn’t been an announcement for the new lineup. We’re several weeks away from an announcement if we go by previous releases. I suspect the event on September 12 with launch day September 21.
    There would be a realized delay and impact: Apple has already announced their fiscal Q4 revenue guidance, and it came in higher than consensus estimates. This suggests new iPhones would ship in September, before Q4 close (because there’s really nothing besides iPhone that could account for the higher Q4 revenue projection). A delay to produce and ship phones before quarter close would therefore have an impact on their Q4 revenues. So even if they haven’t accounced a release date yet, they already have accounted for their internal target date in their revenue guidance.  

    Now, that being said, I think this is still more of a minor inconvenience than a major impact on Apple’s ability to manufacture the new iPhones.  With this coming here in early August, but A12 production having started back in May (at low volumes, no doubt, but probably fully ramped by now), I think the issue wouldn’t affect the launch inventory at all, and that TSMC has time to catch up.  
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2018 conference call

    • Over 200 million users involved in beta testing macOS Mojave, iOS 12, tvOS 12, and watchOS 5.
    Not sure where you got this number. I heard “4 million users” participating in iOS beta programs.
  • iOS 11.2 beta brings SiriKit commands to Apple's unreleased HomePod

    Why the limitations? If I want to know the score from last night’s game why can’t HomePod answer? Seems odd. I wonder if HomeKit requests will work. 

    I believe the article means that only messaging, lists, and notes functionality of third-party (i.e., non-Apple) apps is supported on HomeKit for now. You can still ask Siri about sports scores and the weather, for example, and you’ll get an answer from Siri.  Just not from third party apps like ESPN or The Weather Channel. 
  • First look: LIFX Mini smartbulb with Apple HomeKit

    I have one of the new Sylvania bulbs.  It is Bluetooth only but given it’s within range of an Apple TV, it seems more responsive with Siri commands and the HomeKit app, and was easier to set up compared to the iDevices switches that I have that use Wi-Fi. The Sylvania is 800 lumens like the LIFX Mini and compares similarly in price. Glad to see there is a Wi-Fi option, I think I’ll stick to Sylvanias if I’m planning to install them near my Apple TVs, but go with LIFX bulbs where they may out of Bluetooth range.