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  • Apple's wireless AirPods hit delays, won't meet October launch window

    mac_128 said:
    getvoxoa said:
    It's a major disappointment. The AirPods should have been available along with iPhone 7. 
    Agreed 100%. A successful product can still have a botched launch. This does nothing to help transition people from using the headphone jack to wireless. The Lightning headphones can't be used on any other product, as there's not even the hint of a Lightning headphone to 3.5mm adapter, much less a USB-C, or Thunderbolt for using with one's own Mac. That means customers are put in the position of using the 3.5mm adapter with an old set of headphones, or worse yet, buying a new set of 3.5mm equipped headphones, because they don't have an old pair.

    How long has Apple known they were ditching the headphone jack? How long have they known a successful transition away from it depended on improving the wireless products available in the current marketplace? This really is inexcusable. One wonders how well the iPhone 7 would be selling following this delay had the Note 7 not been taken off the market tainting the entire Samsung brand along with it.
    Apple did plan: Beats Solo3, PowerBeats3, BeatsX. You act as if the AirPods are the only headphones designed with the iPhone 7 in mind.
  • After first revenue decline in 15 years, Apple forecasts return to growth in holiday quarter

    I hope Apple has made a ton of AirPods. I think they're going to sell very well, as well as the new Beats models with the W1 chip. 
  • Apple issues fifth betas of iOS 10.1 with iPhone 7 Plus Portrait photos, macOS 10.12.1

    For my iPhone that was on Public Beta 4 (this new one being Public Beta 5), it's a 1.79 GB download.  My iPad Pro hasn't picked up anything yet, maybe Apple is still uploading the iPad images.  The 1.79 GB download for the phone suggests this is the 10.1 GM.

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  • Apple looking into glitch causing iPhone 7 to lose service after turning off Airplane Mode

    larz2112 said:
    perkedel said:
    I just tried this with my new 7, TMo. Went to airplane mode, let the screen lock itself. Then came back in and turn airplane mode off.
    It was able to pick up TMo just fine. I wonder if it's just a specific to AT&T.
    I don't think it's just AT&T. When I was trying to fix my "No Service" issue I Googled the issue and found that folks who had the same problem were on various carriers.

    Also, Apple Insider just posted this article a few days ago about T-Mobile customers experiencing the same problem.

    Some articles were blaming iOS 10, but it was actually the T-Mobile "carrier settings" update v25.1 that caused the issue.  I deferred the carrier settings update with my iPhone 6 (which was already on iOS 10), so I never experienced the issue, unlike others who upgraded to iOS 10 and also allowed the carrier settings update.  Apple/T-Mobile then deployed version 25.2 to fix the issue. 
  • Target, Best Buy hamstrung by Apple Watch, iPhone 7 stock issues

    muadibe said:
    So the iPhone 7 is in big demand.  Most of us can accept that, and even the delayed delivery.  What I find not so nice is that Apple made sure that many (if not most) people at carriers & retailers will not get their phones today since they took that stock for themselves because their IUP participants screamed and cried.   Keep in mind many of those same IUP people DID get the phone they wanted.  It's just those who didn't screamed loudly.   I don't like the way Apple handled it.  They didn't give any guaranty with that program that people would get exactly the phone they want and on launch day.  

    Apple is pretty much taking a crap on everyone else by doing this, but hey, I guess they can.  So many of us who would have gotten a phone today won't for that very reason.

    The lesson I guess is buy directly from Apple in the future.

    I seriously doubt Apple took inventory from shipments to other retailers to make IUP participants happy.  The IUP issue was with time slots, not numbers of phones available to Apple Stores, and it seems Apple is solving the IUP issue by taking units from their own walk-in inventory.  Apple would have worked with their retail partners weeks or months ago to establish how many each of them would get.  Pulling a "we screwed up, but we are going to make your customers suffer for it" is not Apple's way.  It's up to those retailers to determine how they allocate their inventory to pre-orders vs. walk-ins.  But do retailers get many to begin with?  Nope.  That's why I'd never try to get an iPhone on launch day through a retailer: they are 3rd in line behind Apple itself and then the carriers in terms of unit allocation.  And now those retailers are admitting that their own preorders exceeded their initial supply.