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  • iPhone 7 rumors postmortem: What the Apple rumor mill got right, and what it didn't

    nhughes said:
    cali said:
    P.S. I'm glad this article was made. Would be a great tradition since sites and analysts are never called out.
    Thanks! That was the overall goal: Identify who is putting their neck out there and reporting rumors well in advance of a product launch, and highlight those who are doing a good job with those reports. The goal here is to offer an accurate assessment of who you can trust, not promote our own editorial decisions. But you can't please everyone. 
    Agree wholeheartedly.  Though the "headphone jack removed" and "static home button" rumors led to another rumor that AI kept mentioning quite often in the last year: that the iPhone 7 would be thinner. I hope there will be a little bit of backing off the insistence that the next iPhone must always be thinner. From the 6 to the 6s it got 0.2 mm thicker, from the 6s to the 7 no change. So 2 successive generations of it not getting thinner. Though a bigger battery in the 7, if memory serves, and a bump in battery life as well. 
  • Video: Hands-on with waterproof Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS, white ceramic Edition

    crowley said:
    The ceramic one looks really gorgeous as well, but does it only come with the white sport band?  There doesn't seem to be any photos on apple.com of it paired with any other bands.
    I bet it would look awesome with the red or black sport band, or the black Milanese loop. White can go with pretty much anything. 
  • More possible 'iPhone 7' packaging leaks emerge, also list bundled Apple 'AirPods'

    My guess is that Apple will go with the new $150 pricing difference between storage tiers as they've been doing with the iPad Pros, so that the 4.7" iPhone 7 pricing would look like this:

    • 32 GB with Lightning EarPods and Lightning-to-headphone-jack dongle: $649
    • 128 GB with Lightning EarPods and Lightning-to-headphone-jack dongle: $799 ($50 increase for prior year, 64 GB middle-tier buyers / $50 decrease for prior year 128 GB buyers)
    • 256 GB with AirPods: $949 or possibly even $999

    Add $100 to each for the 7 Plus. I think the Lighning EarPods will be exclusive to the 32 and 128 GB models, the AirPods exclusive to the top-of-the-line 256 GB model as an "added incentive" to buy it. 
  • Purported 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging shows Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in box, 256GB storage

    tryd said:
    OMG. Please...no more adapters. I'm drowning in a pile of them now.
    How is technology going to move forwards if you never can change anything because of old standards? The adaptors are there so you can use your old externals after alternatives are introduced. I expect that most users will use bluetooth headphones soon, so why not get rid of the old analogue plug, and include an adapter for those that insists on using their old headphones? A win-win situation in my book.

    The problem is that Lightning is proprietary.  It's proprietary for charging, now it'll be proprietary for listening to music.  USB-C is going to eventually be the standard across Android for both, and Apple is going to have yet another FireWire on its hands. Beats may be the only one left in the end selling headphones/earphones with Lightning, all the others will go USB-C.  And even Beats will have to make USB-C versions if they want to sell to anyone other than Apple customers.
  • Purported 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging shows Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in box, 256GB storage

    TurboPGT said:
    chazbcn said:
    I'm OK with the audio jack removal as a departure from old tech and so. However, using EarPods while charging seems like it'll be not possible at all. That's an important compromise in my use case: charging my phone while I listen to music/podcasts at the office. I really doubt the bundled adapter will allow simultaneous charge and using the headphones, so I guess I'll have to wait for the phone to charge before I can listen to music at work. It's a rather small annoyance, but we use to resist change until we're 'forced' to. I guess this shake in use habits will be worth it, with improvements such as better water resistance and sound quality (though I doubt the latter will be quite noticeable with Apple's earbuds).
    I just don't buy this argument at all.
    There is no reason to charge and listen to music via wired earbuds at the same time. None.
    iPhone is rated for 24 hours of music playback.

    Why are you not charging your phone at night and arriving to work with a fully charged phone?

    When you're iPhone is 1 1/2 years old and its battery won't hold a charge for longer than 30 minutes, you'll understand.