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  • Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 ad targets feature gaps in Apple's MacBook Air

    I need to get a laptop for my son (high school). I'm having a hard time choosing between macbook air and the surface pro 4. Of course we want it to last through high school and beyond. I know this is pro Apple comments but some good advice would be appreciated.
    As someone already posted, if your son is an avid iPhone user, there are many benefits of staying within the Apple ecosystem: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Safari bookmarks, etc. can all sync through iCloud. Photos can be synced via iCloud between them both as well, provided you have enough iCloud storage space for all of those photos (but it's only 99 cents per month to have 50GB of iCloud storage, and that should be plenty. FaceTime, Handoff, and making phone calls over WiFi through one's cellular carrier are also cool. 

    If you want the laptop to last though college, then if he's already eyeing certain colleges you should check with them to see what platform they prefer.  Liberal arts colleges tend to prefer Macs, engineering ones tend to prefer Windows (there are always exceptions, of course).  Macs *can* run Windows, either by exiting OS X and booting into Windows, or by running Windows in a virtual machine running while logged into OS X (it's how I run Windows 10 to run a very old personal finance program I like). 

    Macs are perceived as being more user-friendly and less prone to security vulnerabilities than Windows, and I find that perception to be reality for me. You'll always have a monthly update of Windows to keep it secure, and have to run antivirus on it.  Apple updates OS X as needed (but less often than monthly, for sure), and as long as one is careful, antivirus isn't a "must have" on Macs. 

    As for the Surface Pro 4, as others have said its not really all that great as a tablet. There aren't many touch-friendly apps besides Microsoft Office, so a keyboard and mouse / trackpad are generally needed for all the other apps that are more likely to have the traditional menu bars and small icons (i.e., not optimized for touch).

    I hope this helps. 
  • 'Apple Watch 2' with GPS, barometer, better waterproofing, more to launch in 2H of 2016

    Soli said:

    Anecdote Warning:
    I recently tested my Apple Watch to see how well it does in a wilderness situation where my iPhone was disconnected (and off since there was no cell reception in the mountains), and I was able to get over 3 days of use with the Watch in Airplane Mode. If I turned it off once I got to camp for the evening I figure I could have gotten at least a couple more days out of a single charge.
    If I turn my Watch off completely and then back on (mainly to reset some odd issue), I lose at least 20% of the battery charge in the process, just with a single restart.  I wouldn't recommend turning it off overnight if you're goal is to conserve battery.
  • Apple TV Remote launches on iOS, remains separate from iTunes Remote app

    zenwaves said:
    Anyone figure out how to adjust volume in this app?
    You can't from the app.  Volume control on the AppleTV remote is handled by an infrared transmitter.  Your iPhone / iPad can't duplicate that. 
  • Chinese protesters smashing Apple iPhones over UN tribunal South China Sea decision

    igorsky said:
    I'm going to throw hundreds of dollars down the drain to support my communist government's nonsensical claim over all of the South China Sea!

    They could dump the destroyed iPhones into the sea to start another illegal island....
  • Leaked video highlights alleged differences between 'iPhone 7' and iPhone 6s

    Note that the physical "silence / ringer" switch is still present.  A previous rumor said that this switch was being removed.