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  • UK blames Apple for issues with iOS 'Brexit' app over lack of iPhone NFC access

    Good ole BBC, loving Android hating Apple, the whole article is such a piece of partisan crap. This isn't new, the BBC hasn't been an Apple fan since forever that I've been reading them, engaging in the yellow journalistic style of tech bloggers the planet over who participate in the "Apple be bad" juvenile tit-tat *consumer device preference* bias which they see as an all out war, sycophantically aligning themselves with one side over the other. I love the BBC, but sometimes they are just sooooo utterly and completely wrong.
  • Coach releases refreshed lineup of leather Apple Watch bands

    Sporting a Coach belt I bought for myself 30 years ago, still wear it daily. Coach leather is one of the best, loveliest, nicest, smoothest and highest quality leather items I've encountered, well worth the money.
  • Apple's iPhone XS Max smashes Google's Pixel 3 in benchmark testing

    danvm said:

    "My post didn't had the purpose to defend to PC..."
    Are you kidding?! Having installed yourself as the resident Microsoft/PC apologist, *that's all you ever do*. It's really fucking annoying, btw, and you've been told this numerous times by numerous people, we're not stupid and neither are you, so you can stop the innocent act.
  • Apple's A12 Bionic comes close to desktop CPU performance in benchmarks

    Rayz2016 said:
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    muthuk_vanalingam said:
    Didn't go through that section??? Spoiler alert - Avon B7 would brag about the REAL INNOVATION that Huawei has brought to the smartphone cameras. Many people in this forum who believe that Apple is the ONLY innovator would be surprised with the results there. You are NOT one of those who believe ONLY Apple can innovate, so it may not be a surprise to you. But for the knockoff commentors in this forum, it would be a surprise that a chinese company can actually innovate and move the camera technology forward. 

    Why should they read it? Most Apple users don't give a fuck about Android or Windows.

    I've always found it odd that Android/Google fans like to hang around Apple forums constantly braying about how good their platform is. But I've never felt the need to hang around an Android forum because, as you say, I don't actually care about Android.

    It's almost as if these folk are trying to convince themselves.


    A sad little bunch of hyper-partisan minion apologists who have nothing better to do with their time than disparage and attack what they have been told is the "enemy." Such good little dupes they are, offering themselves as fodder (and ridicule) while they fight an imagined war where the only actual winners of any divide and rule strategy are the owners of the corporations to whom they have sworn fealty.
  • What are all the complications on the leaked Apple Watch 'Series 4' face?

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    robbyx said:
    I can appreciate why someone would love it. But not me. But I haven’t warmed to the Watch in general. I got a hand-me-down Watch from my dad. My mom gave it to him for Christmas and he didn’t get it. I wear it when exercising. Otherwise it sits on its charger. I dig it as a fitness tool, especially being able to plan workouts on my phone and then use the Watch to step me through them, record sets and reps, track rest time, etc. I’ve tried wearing it throughout the day and don’t find any of the other features or third party apps compelling enough. I haven’t worn a watch in over 20 years, though, so I’m a tough sell. 
    The AW looks gorgeous but I'm a tough sell too. Was a long-term adviser on an aid project overseas. Left wearing a watch, arrived in a place where time was interpreted differently and returned 5 years later not wearing a watch. Haven't worn a watch since (15 years) :#
    ... AW is a fitness tracker, an extension of the iPhone and finally a digital watch. 
    How one uses the AW is entirely subjective and shouldn't ever be prescriptive (what a horrible formula for judgment by others), but if we're going to to pander to silliness I suppose I'd counter with a claim that the iPhone is first and foremost a selfie-snapper, then it's a tool to pursue personal validation, increase popularity and self-worth; and finally it's a device that makes phone calls.  :p