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  • After being killed by Apple, Palm branded devices coming back from the dead

    Just what consumers need, another same. Isn't there enough choice in this market already? Hey, manufacturers, here's a novel idea: how about creating something totally new that doesn't already exist! (hint: it's *not* a phone)
  • Safari still leads in mobile browser share, but Facebook's browser is on the rise

    mike54 said:
    ...Facebook thrives on these types of people.
    So does Google and it has 43.1% of that same market.
  • Google's Gmail, other services let third parties read user emails, report says

    kkqd1337 said:
    I pay for my email on a Microsoft Business Office 365 Exchange account to prevent this.

    its like $20-30 a year. I mean surely we value our privacy that much don’t we? For email which we now use for literally everything.

    But I guess if you want free you have to make compromises.
    Free and (very) private: protonmail, tutanota (both offer paid upgrades offering more features in their accounts, but they're not expensive). You don't have to sell yourself (literally) to these evil fuckwits if you value your privacy (sadly it seems a dying personal value).
  • Google's Gmail, other services let third parties read user emails, report says

    And people keep harping on about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, always giving Google a great big pass. Google has been at it longer, has wider reach, is much better at it, and has far more customers than Facebook.
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  • Five reasons to not buy the Amazon Fire TV Cube

    How about:

    1) spying on you and tracking all your activities (so it can #2 on you<wry grin>)
    2) serve you more personalised ads in order to sell you more things in their store

    These devices are so dishonest, same from Google as well, they sell at cost or at a loss then spend their entire lives subtly and slyly manipulating you to buy shit in their stores you neither need nor want. That is where they extract profit. From the first day you own these devices, they sneak your wallet from your pocket extract cash and put it back without your ever knowing it and certainly without your attributing the subsequent spend to the cost of the device you already own. How incredibly deceitful, the purpose of these devices is to sell you more things, not to provide you total enjoyment in the device you have purchased from them from the device itself.