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  • Apple Watch design & battery are inherently unsafe, claims lawsuit

    mattinoz said:
    darkvader said:
    maltz said:
    So the suit boils down to the fact that the screen is made of glass, and broken glass is sharp?  Good luck with that...

    No, that's not what it boils down to at all.

    It boils down to the design of the watch not allowing for an expanded battery (which can be anticipated to happen with a certain percentage of batteries of the type used in the Apple Watch) and therefore the battery is breaking the glass and creating a potentially hazardous condition.

    I suspect they'll have a hard time if they can't prove actual damages, meaning if the glass didn't cut somebody there isn't an injury.

    It absolutely IS a defective design.  If the battery expansion (which, again, can be anticipated) causes damage to the device, it's a problem.  And it's a problem that's affected every portable Apple product for years.  Apple really should have to pay for any damages caused by battery swelling when they designed the product in such a way that a swollen battery can damage other hardware.  There's an easy fix Apple could have implemented - batteries that are easily changeable by the user could implement a locking catch system that would automatically unlock and release if a battery swells enough that it could cause damage.  There's no reason for Apple not to do that other than their idiotic thin fetish.
    Given the screen and glass are bonded does the glass really break and become dangerous if the battery swells?

    The screen module is held in with a sticky gasket and the battery to one end so if it did swell it would seem like it would put more pressure on one part of gasket. Seems like the whole screen would tear off the gasket before the screen would shatter. Even then the screen is captured by cables going under the battery and haptic motor so wouldn't fall off and smash. 
    Have experienced on both an iPhone and Apple Watch swollen batteries. Neither of them did anything but dislodge the screen from its setting. No screen breakage or cracks, and nothing shattered.

    This is a Chicken Little pander to the "I hate Apple" trolls and make the lawyers rich at the same time fecal lawsuit ("throw it against the wall and hope for 'stickage'"). One only has to look who on this forum supports it, and that will tell you everything you need to know about how idiotic it is.
  • NSO Group spyware used in hacks targeting U.S. State Department officials

    China has been scapegoat for whatever happened. 
    Nah, this is Israel, so the scapegoat is Iran.
  • Tom Hanks film 'Finch' sets Apple TV+ film premiere record

    This movie is very enjoyable, basically an exploration into what it means to be human. A typically strong performance by Tom Hanks, it's definitely worthy of watching.

    Do yourself a favour and ignore negative nellies proclaiming otherwise, this is a great addition to the ATV+ catalog.
  • Compared: 14-inch MacBook Pro vs MSI GP66 Leopard gaming notebook

    Some trolls over at anandtech were touting their superior Clevo machines, and they were adamant the new MBPs are far, far inferior, way overpriced and hugely underperforming in *every* aspect compared to Clevo.
  • iPadOS 15 confirms Apple's M1-equipped iPad Pro is a V8 engine powering a Ford Pinto

    Exactly. Compare the iPad Pro to the Surface Pro. See what kind of jobs a professional in any field can get done on those two devices. The only thing holding the iPad back is iPad OS and Apple's extremely limited vision.
    Fucking yawn, and what a ridiculous strategy to compare ANYTHING to Micro$haft who never innovated anything but only stole and copied its way into a quasi-monopoly position. If you think the Surface is such a great device, get one and stop your fucking whining about Apple not copying that “hugely successful product.” [rolls eyes]

    In the meantime adults understand iPadOS is being upgraded every year, and with each upgrade it brings with it millions upon millions of users with varying use cases of the machine, and the new M1 in the iPP portends even more expansion of this OS in the future which is very exciting.

    This site, its articles and forum discussions turn more into yet another MacRumors wannabe every fucking day, how very Microsoft, nothing original whatsoever, just chasing the latest whatever fad for continued relevance.