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  • Apple facing yet another multi-state probe related to iPhone throttling

    So, in an effort to keep your phone from crashing, due to normal battery degradation; Apple freely admits they ran battery testing and reduced the performance on older iPhones to prevent them from randomly rebooting, due to worn batteries.
    This was done, with the intent to make perfectly serviceable phones, continue to be usable.  If anything, it allowed their customers to use older iPhones for more than they would have, and likely delayed some customers from upgrading immediately - as their phone "still worked'.

    No good deed goes unpunished.  All Apple had to do was push a note during boot-up that said "Your iPhone battery is weak and needs to be replaced, in an effort to prolong the life of the battery, your iPhone's performance will be reduced.  To restore full performance, please have your battery replaced".

    That mistake was expensive.
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  • Apple releases trailer for season 2 of 'For All Mankind'

    entropys said:
    Serious question. Do cartridges fire in space?

    Gunpowder has it's own oxidizer, so yes they will fire.  Without atmospheric pressure external to the gun, the chamber pressure will be slightly higher, so I would expect a higher muzzle velocity.  As another reader pointed out, the bullet will likely enter an orbit, or fly into space.  But given the amount of microscopic - massive space debris we have naturally, moving at far higher energy levels - the odds of the bullet hitting something are remote compared to other space junk.

    Space is a really big place.

  • France, UK to test contact tracing apps without Apple and Google technology

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."- Benjamin Franklin

    ~60% of the population will be asymptomatic.  An overwhelming majority of those who do get sick will experience a mild cold with a dry cough.  Those who do get sick, and need hospitalization, we now have a protocol and treatment regiment that is shown to be effective.  An overwhelming number of those who have died, died from contributing factors that COVID was essentially blamed for.  Shot in the head, but had COVID, you are listed as a COVID death.  The bullet was just a contributing factor, as is Cancer, Heart attacks, compromised Pulminary System, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

    Its NEVER going away - it's a virus, just like Chickenpox.  Hiding from it will not make it disappear.  Don't blame me, I didn't make it in a lab, I didn't deny it's existence, I didn't kill those who talked about it, I didn't ship my citizens out to every developed country on the planet.

    Hiding from it, does NOT build herd immunity.  You will be exposed to it, if you haven't already, you will.  If you haven't had it already, you likely will.  It's highly contagious - but not nearly as deadly as it's been promoted to be.  Many of those who died, and are counted as COVID deaths, would have died this year anyway - isn't it remarkable that pneumonia, heart attack and seasonal flu deaths are down ALMOST as much as COVID has gone up?  If this were Ebola, Bubonic Plague or something along those lines - even if it was a resurgence of MERS, that would be worse than this.

  • France shames Apple for not sacrificing user privacy for COVID-19 app

    Perhaps France should focus on THEIR problems, and stop blaming others for not fixing their problems?  Apple provides, perhaps the best and most secure ecosystem on the planet, they do this to benefit their GLOBAL customers - not for France.

    France has a lot of issues, they have migrants that have completely changed the lives of every man, woman and child in the country.  They have violence,riots and protests, their country is experiencing turmoil internally, and the virus is just the latest problem.  Apple is not the cause, nor the cure.

    So, do like every other country on the planet, fix the problem yourself - and perhaps try to step up to the problem, instead of running away and blaming someone else.  It's not becoming, in fact, it's kind of annoying.
  • Walmart sells Vudu to Fandango as it exits streaming market

    One feature that Vudu used to have, that I enjoyed a lot - was the option to take YOUR DVD (they used your GPS address, and matched it against your address on your profile), and allowed you to scan the UPC code off the DVD/Blu-ray (or later on, just put it into your computer DVD/Blu-ray drive), then buy a SD for $2, or the Blu-Ray digital copy for $5.  I expanded my digital library by close to 100 titles using this feature.

    It's now disabled.

    I would love to see someone else pick this up and run with it.  I would love to have digital copies of many DVD's I own, and for $5 I can justify upgrading the DVD to Blu-Ray on many titles I already own.