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  • ARM-based MacBook, Apple game controller coming soon says leaker

    I would like to see the Mac become more "reasonably" priced.  When the Mac Mini came out, it was priced aggressively to serve as a user upgradeable, entry level desktop to get people introduced into the Mac ecosystem.  My 2012 i5 was bought at the price of ~$700, I later upgraded the RAM, replaced the Logitech mouse/keyboard with Apple products, both the mouse and trackpad, and the extended keyboard.  I later upgraded and added two SSDs.  It's been a solid performer.

    To replace this $700 component today, with the same base components costs $1,000+ with 500GB storage I cannot upgrade.  I went from a 500GB HDD to a 1 and a 2 TB SDD in my old Mac Mini - I can't do that anymore.  Why did they do this?

    Would love to get the 2TB SDD i7 version of the Mac Mini, but at $2,000 before you add a nice monitor, and the Apple keyboard, mouse and trackpad.  Just seems like humble Mac Mini is stuck with a tremendous Mac Tax.
  • Tim Cook, Eddy Cue exposed to coronavirus at birthday party

    Maybe I'm just anti-social

    But, I have this non-PC practice.  When I feel sick (ie. hung-over, nauseous, diarrhea, runny nose, headaches, fever or just am not feeling up to my normal level of performance); I DO NOT go to work.  I DO NOT go to parties.  I DO NOT associate with other people, and this means I DO NOT even go to Church.

    No, I stay home, rest and isolate myself (except for my poor wife, who is very supportive), and do my best to recover.

    I do this quite intentionally - so as to NOT expose other people to whatever I have.  When I am sick, I do not feel social.  Judging from the way people are behaving, I must be a selfish person; because we see idiots who are confirmed with this virus, who intentionally fly on commercial airlines, who go to conventions, and even go to work.

    What is wrong with these people?

  • Siri voices could be customizable by developers in iOS 14

    Ephraim said:
    Bernie. Or better yet a widow could have her deceased husband's voice, or vice-versa.

    Great, we'd have Siri's Bernie voice whining that "All the App Store apps should be free".
  • Future HomePods could feature touch-sensitive fabric for more controls

    Before adding features that are likely to destroy the product (IE. no speaker is designed to be "touched", they are designed to be listened to), how about we handle the plethora of problems that plague the current HP?  For example, mine will play music - and I have no clue where it gets it's music from - it's nothing in my Library.  Mine is connected via Bluetooth to the AppleTV that sits a whopping 24" away.  Generally, it will stay connected for about 3-5 days, before it forgets that it's entire purpose in life is to be the "upgraded TV speaker" for my downstairs TV.

    At this single job - it only rates as mediocre.  Why?  Is it capable of being truly remarkable?  Absolutely.  Is it?  Not even close, it's a marginal improvement over my 2007 Panasonic Plasma TV speaker.  And "marginal improvement" is being kind.  There is a reason why EVERY Home Theater receiver on the market has multiple EQ settings for Music, Theater, Sports, Concert, Action Movie, Western Movie, etc.  Because there is no such thing as "One size fits all" when it comes to EQ settings.

    Apple understood this for the iPod, iPhone, Itouch and iPad - but this capability is missing on the HP.  Why?  As a single $200 TV speaker, vocals are often muddled and difficult to understand, music streamed through the iPhone sound great - but Netflix, HBO GO, AT&T Now, Prime TV, Hulu TV all sound muddled.  Why make a speaker that can connect wirelessly to the AppleTV, when the connection is unreliable, and the EQ can not be set to match the source material?  This is a half-baked idea.
  • Coronavirus won't stop 5G 'iPhone 12' super cycle or AAPL, says Wedbush

    Historically, I do not believe Foxconn begins mass-producing the "new" iPhone until the July time-frame.  If memory serves (and being a geezer, that is always questionable), the design is still in flux at this point, with firmware bugs, possible hardware design issues (such as 5G antenna) and reception studies being performed, models for susceptibility to damage, drop testing, FCC approval for said antenna array, improvements to new Wi-Fi standards, etc. etc.

    Apple is likely making limited runs, of a few prototype builds - checking not only manufacturability and repair-ability of various layouts, but also possible performance tweaks before committing to the final design.  I suspect the final design won't be submitted for Request for Quote (RFQ) to Foxconn until the May/June time-frame.  Foxconn won't blindly commit to building anything for a price, until they know every detail involved in building said widget, and Apple iPhones can be notoriously complex items to build.