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  • Apple paying up to $500 million to settle iPhone battery slowdown lawsuits

    $500 Million.  All Apple had to do was throw up a pop-up window saying "iPhone Battery is degraded, the performance of this iPhone will be reduced, to prolong useable iPhone battery life."

    Then, the user of the iPhone would know his performance was degraded, and why; and he could make the decision whether the degradation of performance was worth the cost of replacing the battery.
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  • FCC to reportedly fine US wireless carriers at least $200M for selling customer location d...

    For a fine to have any meaning, it must be a financial DIS-INCENTIVE to prevent re-occurance of the privacy violation.  If a company made $500 Million off selling invasive personal information, and was fined $200 Million (on the off-chance they were caught); then the penalty is nothing more than a tax.

    But, if the penalty was 2x-10x the benefit - say $1+ Billion on the first occurrence; the Corrective Action would be the immediate dismissal and black listing of all executives involved in that decision, and near financial ruin for the company.  This would not only provide corrective action, it would warn other companies that fiscal ruin is their too, should they decide to operate illegally, unethically and immorally.

    Corporations do not care about ethics, morals and laws - they care about profits.  You need to speak to them in a language they are capable of understanding.
  • Tim Cook optimistic that coronavirus is getting under control in China

    "It feels to me that China is getting the Coronavirus under control. You look at the numbers coming down day by day by day so I'm very optimistic there  ..."

    Seriously, Tim?  World Health Organization doesn't feel so optimistic; especially with people who "recovered", becoming re-infected with it within weeks of recovery.

  • Why Apple will move Macs to ARM, and what consumers get

    tedz98 said:
    Saying ARM gives Apple control over the hardware/software stack doesn’t really help me understand the benefits of the switch. If Intel wasn’t missing targets would Apple still be doing this? There’s a bumpy road ahead to make the transition. It will be challenging for users. What about Pro level users? Can ARM work for them? Apple has shown they can integrate ARM processors such as the T2 chip into the existing intel platform. Maybe they should be going after graphics first? Or maybe they want seemless app capability across iOS and MacOS? Or maybe they want just a single OS? Any insights from the experts?

    One of the reasons Apple migrated from the Motorola 68xxx to PowerPC, was Motorola's failure to meet self-set milestones and deliver processors as promised.  By making the transition to PowerPC, Apple basically had the ability to pit IBM against Motorola on the same PowerPC processor, with the better performing, higher yielding competitor taking the lion's share of the sales.

    If Intel can't hit milestones - history is basically repeating itself.

  • Apple's coronavirus revenue miss seen as short-term hurdle

    As of 2016, small to medium sized businesses made up about 90% of China’s economy.  90%!!!
    Of those small businesses, less than 50% have funds “on hand” sufficient to pay 30 days. 

    Do not begin to imagine how precarious China’s economy is to a pandemic like the Coronavirus.   I see a devastating economic collapse all but inevitable.