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  • Apple paying up to $500 million to settle iPhone battery slowdown lawsuits

    $500 Million.  All Apple had to do was throw up a pop-up window saying "iPhone Battery is degraded, the performance of this iPhone will be reduced, to prolong useable iPhone battery life."

    Then, the user of the iPhone would know his performance was degraded, and why; and he could make the decision whether the degradation of performance was worth the cost of replacing the battery.
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  • Three days with Apple's new Mac Pro: incredible speed that will accelerate with time

    Yes, it will get faster - but this is not due to any major accomplishments by Apple.

    This is largely due to the work being done by very bright people at AMD/Intel/nVidia - who are enabling Apple to benefit.  It would be interesting to benchmark the price/Performance of the A-series chips from Apple in a desktop/server application, against AMD/Intel/nVidia and work in that direction.

    But, currently - to give credit to Apple, is akin to giving credit to the cock that crows every morning at sunrise.
  • Not every Mac Pro is assembled in Texas

    The Braille on what appears to be a handle attachment, is something very clever.  No clue what it says, as online sources don't seem to agree a whole lot on any particular standardized version of Braille - which is surprising.
  • Disney+ touts more than 10 million subscribers day after launch

    Was very pleasantly surprised with The Mandalorian.  I think Disney has a hit with this series, if they can maintain the quality of the first episode going forward.
  • Apple's own 5G modem expected to land as soon as 2022

    I wish we would satisfy what 4G was billed as being capable of.  Namely, you would get up to 100Mbps in a mobile situation, and up to 1 Gbps in a stationary case.  I cannot speak for your experience, but mine is typically less than 50 Mbps under the stationary case.

    My biggest issue is that the 5G taps into the 2.4-2.6 GHz range, which happens to be the range we NEED for measuring water vapor in the atmosphere.  And yes, this means that our weather storm, hurricane, tornado and severe weather stations will NOT BE ABLE to get the measurements we NEED to save lives.  NASA has already filed a complaint with the FCC, and the FCC wants money instead of weather analysis.

    IMHO, I'll wait a second or two to view my email, if it means someone else may get a tornado warning, hurricane warning or severe storm warning - with better predictability, and time to shelter or evacuate.  But, my opinion appears to be the minority opinion.