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  • Apple's new Mac Pro internal components - answers and lingering questions [u]

    Latko said:
    normm said:
    Apple tends to solder the processor to the board directly, rather than using any sort of holstering system, as a means to prevent processor changes after purchase, as well as potentially saving space by not needing the slotting mechanism.
    The main reason to solder chips rather than socket them is the increase in reliability.  Each contact in a socket adds a potential point of failure in the future.
    Same for car wheels & bolts. Try to be reasonal.
    It's a force/area equation. Consider, if you need 20 grams of force for a reliable mating between a gold pin, and a solder ball - that's all fine and good. Now, you have a connector with well over 1,000 contacts. What's worse, you canot "see" the inner array of balls. So, just doing the math we now have 20 kg of mating force that we HOPE is evenly distributed across the processor. Now, let's pretend that 1% of the balls have less than 20 grams of mating force, or 20 pins out of that 2011 pin array (and the Xeons have over 2000 pins). If those are data signals, the system won't boot - that's the BEST POSSIBLE problem you can hope for; because you can fix it immediately. But, if those pins are GND or VDD pins, it means that the other GND and VDD pins are not only passing the current they were designed to, but extra current to make up for the non-connected, non-detectable missing or poor contacts. This means premature failure for this device. And there are many devices on that motherboard that need to be contacted. Contacts are a very big deal
  • Everything you need to know about 5G on your iPhone 12

    Unfortunately the 23.6 to 24 GHz bandwidth are winning over public safety.  Frequencies in the 23.6 to 24 GHz spectrum are reflective to water vapor, and are used by Weather RADAR systems to track, monitor and forecast severe weather, around the world.  Because of the "need" for faster bandwidth, the 5G bands will degrade our ability to track storms (thunderstorms, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Blizzards, etc) as well as predict their severity, direction and likely 2-3 day tracks.

    You know, I can, and am willing to wait a few seconds; so that I can be better informed of severe weather, where it's going, and when it's going to hit.

    Apparently, the FCC feels that money is more important than human lives.

  • Drive-by shooting suspect remotely wipes iPhone X, catches extra charges

    genovelle said:
    There was is another possibility. iPhones can be set to automatically remote wipe after 10 failed attempts to open it. That may or may not include Face ID attempts. 

    There would be a datafile showing that the wipe was initiated by an iCloud event.  The IP address would be in this datafile, as well as the time the request was made.  Pretty much an open/shut case.  And all of it recoverable by the police with a subpeona - as she just gave the judge ample reason to have this data subpeonaed.  All the police have to do is request a iCloud backup prior to her wipe.
    Pretty basic stuff.
  • Apple's Greg Joswiak argues most people will keep iOS 12's Screen Time on, change behavior...

    My behavior changed as soon as I saw it was on.

    I disabled it.  If I want a babysitter - I'll hire one.
  • Apple sued by ex-engineer over Find My iPhone patent credit, stock revocation after being ...

    .... Credit comes with money for work and promotion - not with name on some paper.
    Not true at all.  Many Engineers list their patents, as evidence that they are both creative, and technically competent.  The fact that you have 'x' patents under your name, gives you a substantial edge both in finding a job, and negotiating your salary.