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  • Apple audio processing could change the way headphone users experience music

    This sounds a lot like Sonic Holography that was patented by Bob Carver and found on the lineup of Carver Pre-Amps and Receivers during the 80-90's.  Essentially, Bob injected a portion of the Left channel (180 degrees out of phase), onto the signal going into the right speaker, and then simultaneously injected an portion of the right channel, (180 degrees out of phase) onto the signal going to the Left channel.

    The idea was that any listener, on axis (ie. between the two speakers) would experience the effect that your right channel would be uniquely coming from the right speaker, as the left channel would "cancel" out.  In other words, as we are basically predators, our right ear hears both speakers, so our brain "targets" the speaker source.  By using wave cancellation, the right ear would theoretically only hear the right speaker, and the left ear would only hear the left speaker.  As long as you remained "somewhat" on axis between the speakers.

    On a decent stereo system, the effect was quite impressive, as the true "sound stage" was accurately reproduced, you "heard" sounds coming outside from the physical speaker placement.  Blindfolded and given a ping-pong ball gun, people would think that the speaker was 10+ feet to the right, of the right channel.  Using Sonic Holography and a set of omni-directional speakers; you could "hear" that the voice was coming from a point to the right of the speaker about 3 feet, and originating about 5 feet off the ground - as if they were in the room playing, live.

    So, I'm pretty excited to see where Apple takes this.  It's been many years since Bob Carver shook up the audio world; first with his Magnetic Field amplifiers, then with Sonic Holography, then with an asymmetrical tuning system for his FM tuner, and some other stuff that dealt with vinyl records.  Bob was quite the genius.
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  • Class action claims all Apple Watches are defective

    I had a mysterious crack down the middle of my Series 2 Watch occur almost a year into owning the watch.  No scratches, no impact marks, the watch simply cracked down the middle.  I took it into Apple, they over-night shipped it to the repair, it was fixed within 48 hours and overnight shipped back to me.  All 100% free, with a written appology for my inconvenience.

    So, I fail to see what the lawsuit is about, as I recognize that manufacturing defects occur, whenever you make millions of anything.  My experience was handled professionally, promptly and politely.
  • Watch: Apple's iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro (Part 1) - benchmarks and specs

    tnw2933 said:
    I received my 10 core iMac Pro on December 26th 2017.  I noticed immediately that 95% of the time when I woke my iMac Pro from sleep all the external USB drives were ejected.  This occurred for various external USB3 hard drives from different manufacturers as well as with a Sandisk Extreme 64 GB USB3 flash drive and a 16 GB USB2 Kingston flash drive.  I also discovered that I could not boot into Windows 10 if any external hard drives were connected and that I could not use the Option key> Storage Manager to boot into Windows 10 regardless of whether USB drives were connected or not.  I filed a formal case with Apple Support on January 2, 2018 and I have since been in touch with a total of five Apple Support contacts regarding these two issues -- three of whom are Senior Advisors.  To date, the problem still exists, and I still have an open case with Apple.  I have been using the iMac Pro with Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 2 external hard drives without any problems as long as I do not attach USB drives to the iMac Pro and put it to sleep.  

    I have also done extensive editing in FCP 10.4 (latest version) with my iMac Pro.  While some things are indeed faster than my fully maxed out Late 2013 Mac Pro cylinder, I have found that for many common tasks the CPU's and presumably the graphics card are not being used to full efficiency by the iMac Pro in FCP 10.4.  Overall, I have been disappointed with my purchase of this nearly $9,000 computer and especially with the fact that after more than two weeks of working with Apple Senior Advisors (who in turn are passing along information to an engineering team) I am no more able to effectively utilize USB external hard drives with my iMac Pro than I was the day I received it form Apple. 


    Tom, have you used a different external USB3.0 Hub?

    I had a very similar problem with the Mac Mini, as I had 4 external drives, Keyboard, mouse and CAC card reader all on a 3rd party powered USB3.0 Hub.  The USB3.0 spec allows over 1000 mA (1 Amp) per USB port, however the power supply for this USB3.0 hub was only 1500mA (1.5A) for 12 ports.  When you power up, a load of this type will cause the USB Hub to hang, and this hang means that the I/O Controller on your Mac is not getting a non-posted response from the USB, so it hangs (ie. waits forever).

    I replaced the $30 Hub with one that was rated for 40.0 Watts vs 12.5 Watts, and my problems immediately went away.

  • Apple updates tvOS to 11.2, adds live sports & video display mode switching

    Scot1 said:
     I’ve been having problems with my Apple TV setting under audio and video.   Update allows us to change the setting from chroma 4.2.0 to 4.2.2.
    4.2.2 is a lesser comprised video signal and even though Apple TV checks my cables before making the changes and then permits the change based on its  own test, I get static and interruptions on my signal once every couple of minutes.
     I’m running Apple TV through a high-end Denon 4K receiver and using quality HDMI cable‘s .

    In order for HDMI cables to be stamped as such, they must pass the HDMI specifications; so I'm not too worried about the HDMI cables.  I would encourage you to take quick peek at the Denon website (https://usa.denon.com/us/support/home), assuming you reside in the USA, and verify that there are no software updates for your receiver.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  That said, if those two solutions do not solve your problem; I would lay this at Apple's feet.  Their software quality, as of late, as been questionable, at best.
  • Verizon Wireless introducing new unlimited plans at the same time as video throttling meas...

    I believe the reason this is happening, is that people with "unlimited" plans, are simply plugging their phones in, and using their phones as a home hotspot, and streaming Netflix, Hulu and everything else at home - thus burning up the data at rates that the normal person would never touch. So, throttling to 480p just seems reasonable.