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  • Review: Button Remote for Apple TV makes entertainment simple again

    zroger73 said:
    dewme said:
    I've arrived at a happier place with my Apple TV (4/5 gen) remotes after outfitting them with "elago R1 Intelli Case Compatible with Apple TV" cases.
    +1 on the elago R1 Intelli Case. This is a standard addition for every Apple TV I purchase before I ever turn it on for the first time.
    100% agree. The lanyard also makes it really easy to tell the top from the bottom of the remote in the dark. 
  • Camo uses your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam for your Mac

    Why use any of these apps? Connect your iPhone via USB and open Quicktime Player. Choose "new movie recording" and then next to the record button click the disclosure arrow and choose the phone. Go to your chat app and the phone is now the selected camera. Some apps may not require the Quicktime thing but will just show a connected phone as a possible source.
  • Apple updates Apple Maps, Siri to show support for 'Black Lives Matter'

    NumNuts said:
    The BLACK LIVES MATTER text looks just photoshopped in to me, not a new satellite image? 
    I'm not sure it really matters but I'm pretty you are correct. The letters don't line up with street/sidewalk features as they do in the photographs of the site.

    As a trolling concept, I still like it.
  • You can still play HBO Go or YouTube on an old Apple TV after it gets abandoned

    So far YouTube (no paid membership, just traditional) is working fine on my 3rd gen ATV. I'm getting HBO-now through the TV app, not the stand alone HBO app. I wonder how that will all shake out?
  • How to revive an iPod with a hard drive using flash storage

    Gobnu said:
    I have the same setup! I still find my 2007 iMac useful occasionally, but didn’t even think of the fact that it was the last connection to my original 5gb iPod. Now I have another reason to keep it around. 

    I loved the sound of my click wheel iPod.  It had Wolfson converters and blew away my iPod Touch.
    It's Fire Wire, but I still have a 24" iMac (2007) that works fine.  It's stuck at El Capitan and I've left iTunes at 12.6.  I think that should sync up with it.  We'll see.

    I still have two iPods, one 120GB and one 80GB that live in our two cars. I also have a 160GB Classic. They all still have their HDs and are working fine. Battery life isn't great but they are plugged into the car's USB all of the time. All of them continue to work with iTunes on Mohave. I would bet they would still work with Music.app on Catalina but I'm not going there yet.