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  • Elizabeth Warren calls for tech giant breakup, with Apple in the cross-hairs

    It's a proposal from someone long involved in consumer protection. I can't get angry because she wants to add a new idea to the conversation, whether or not I agree with it. If you don't like it then offer a counter proposal. It's supposed to be a conversation even though we haven't seen much of that from the Senate lately.

    Way back when Teddy was busting trusts I'm sure there were people that thought monopolies were great.
  • Nike's Adapt BB is an iPhone-controlled, self-lacing basketball sneaker

    Can hardly wait for the hack that unties the shoes during a fast break.
  • Safari vulnerability lets hackers swipe recently deleted photos from iPhone X

    Soli said:
    I've certainly had to do that many times over the years, and as soon as I'm done supplying the proof I delete it… and I always assumed it was actually deleted since I've never seen a restore button for deleted photos on iOS.

    Since iOS 9 there has been an Album called "Recently Deleted" holding deleted photos for up to 30 days. Select any photo or video in that album and one of the choices is "Recover". If you want to really delete a photo you have to delete it first from the Library and then again from the Recently Deleted Album.
  • How to use Airpods with Live Listen in iOS 12 to help your hearing

    "Officially, and unsurprisingly, Live Listen only works with Apple's AirPods or at least it does in quite this fashion. You can still use Made for iPhone headphones or hearing aids which you set up via SettingsAccessibility. You can't get one-tap access via Control Center unless you're using AirPods."

    I remember when this feature was announced it was said it was going to work with any headphone with the W1 chip, like a pair of BeatsX I own. Of course it doesn't work (as described in the article) and I haven't been able to find where I originally saw it mentioned. Too bad since I was going to test it out for my 90 year old Mom and get her some BeatsX like mine. Like me standard Apple earbuds, and I assume 
    AirPods that have the same design, don't fit my Mom's ears. A shame since she could really use this feature.
  • How to turn 'Hey Siri' on and off on your iPhone and iPad

    Turning on Do Not Disturb doesn't turn off Hey Siri or, more importantly, turn off her voice. Pressing the Home button results in a silent Siri response but only if the ring switch is turned to mute (if set up that way in settings). In this state she still talks to you if you use Hey Siri.

    Turning off internet connection makes Siri unable to do anything but she will vocalize that fact if you activate Hey Siri.

    The statement about an NBA add turning on Siri on iPhones doesn't match the linked article which states it only turned on Siri on Home Pods. Activating Siri on an iOS device requires training the device to recognize your voice. It's unlikely (but probably not impossible) that anyone else can activate Siri on another person's device.