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  • YouTube TV coming to Apple TV within matter of weeks

    hmlongco said:
    Forget that, where's my Amazon app for Apple TV?
    Agree, agree, agree! Tired of using the crappy interface on my Sony DVD player for Amazon.
  • Ireland could face fine for dragging heels on back taxes from Apple

    larrystar said:
     It’s really sad to think that because of tax loopholes in the law the US didn’t get those billions in taxes. Shame on you Apple! 
    Apple didn't write the loopholes into law. Apple's board (like all publicly traded companies) is required by law to work for the benefit of it's owners, the stockholders. They would be breaking their fiscal responsibility to give money to a government (in taxes) that isn't required by the laws of that government. Shame on you for not working harder to have the tax laws changed.
  • Apple squashes iOS 11 bugs with quick release of iOS 11.0.1

    Battery life on my iPhone SE was significantly affected by iOS11. Hopeful this update fixes that. Literally cut my battery life in half, reminding me of cheap android phones in terms of runtime. 

    sog35 said:
    iOS 11 really sucks on my iPhone 6 Plus.

    Battery life is shitty.  Real shitty.  Battery life is probably down 30-40%.

    Apps take fucking forever to open.  So many bugs. What a mess. Rotation sucks.

    Tim is really slipping. How do they even release such a half baked version of iOS?

    You seriously exhibit all the symptoms of by-polar disorder with how you flip-flop on the drop of a hat when it comes to Apple, and especially Tim Cook... Please remember to take your meds...
    Wait a couple of days before you finalize judgement on battery life. After a major update an iOS device performs lots of housekeeping things in the background which will tax your battery. If things are bad after 2 days then do a force-restart and see if that helps.
  • Court throws out lawsuit blaming lack of texting 'lock-out' technology in iPhone caused ca...

    If you kill or injure someone with a vehicle because you were texting or doing anything else with your phone, it needs to be a felony and carry a much harsher sentence. 

    The real story story here is yet another irresponsible driver got away with killing someone. 
    I agree. You can be sure if the kid was drunk he would have seen some jail time.
  • Apple reveals 4K and HDR plans in iTunes, hinting revamped Apple TV may arrive soon

    Could anyone with a 4th gen Apple TV (or access to one without having to drive an hour) tell me if you can set timed access on it? It’s absolutely mystifying to me why every single other Apple product can be set to automatically shut off at (or after) a given time, but not the Apple TV. That’d be my only reason to get one, and I’d get one immediately if it was the case.
    General>'Sleep after' settings are "Never, 15, 30 min, 1, 5, or 10 hours"
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