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  • BlackBerry CEO says Apple's security stance puts company over 'greater good'

    Wait, what?

    Oh, have to suck up to keep those government contracts coming in.
  • Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon & the case of the 'very bad' Q2

    Waiting for the inevitable DED trolls. 
  • Apple slapped with class action suit over Touch ID-related 'Error 53' code

    If Apple expects to sell automobiles which have similar "security" features, so that only authorized repair shops can do engine work, reset computers and sensors, maybe even top off the wiper fluid.... they won't be selling any such cars to me.  #GetMeThatSamsungCar
    You realize this is exactly how Tesla service works. You can only have repair work (other than body work) done by a Tesla Service Center; mainly because they are the only ones with access to parts.
  • Tesla ramps up hiring in face of automotive threats from Apple, others

    Actually, the long term reliability of the Tesla is ABYSMAL, google more. You;re being fed crap by Tesla's marketing.

    It's losing money left and right; going international will just make it lose more money.

    Tesla is basically a money pit.

    If you actually look at BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc numbers you'll see that Tesla's impact is close to zero on them.

    Another hater. I wonder why, exactly, you care.

    I assume the "ABYSMAL" comment was about the Edmunds report which, they admitted, was on a early production model. They also said the only expense was for tires, everything else was under warranty.

    I have a mid-'13 Model S and have had very few problems; none of which left me stranded and not one of which required me to go to the service center. I have had to visit service because of updates to the built-in charger, failure of one of the tire pressure sensors, and because of a failing 12V battery. I didn't notice any problem with the latter but they emailed me that my car had sent them a message about the battery. I have also received many over the air updates to the operating system which have improved or added new features.

    No oil, no lube, no gas and the thing just keeps getting better. Here in the Pacific NW it costs me ~$2.60 for the electricity to drive 100 miles unless, of course, I'm on the road using the Supercharger network. Then it's free. About 10 trips over 1000 miles and no cost in fuel.

    It is what automobiles should be in the 21st century.