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  • Camo uses your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam for your Mac

    Why use any of these apps? Connect your iPhone via USB and open Quicktime Player. Choose "new movie recording" and then next to the record button click the disclosure arrow and choose the phone. Go to your chat app and the phone is now the selected camera. Some apps may not require the Quicktime thing but will just show a connected phone as a possible source.
  • Review: macOS Catalina 10.15 is what Apple promised the Mac could be, and is a crucial upg...

    Appleish said:
    I can't believe you STILL can't put Apple created playlists in folders. Ugh... I have a couple of hundred playlists or so in one unwieldy long list in the sidebar of iTunes, now Music.
    It's because with an Apple Playlist, you really haven't added the songs to your Library. Go to the Apple Playlist, select all the tracks, and select File>New Playlist From Selection. It will create a personal playlist you can put in a folder.
  • You need a backup plan before you move to macOS Catalina

    mobird said:
    For the regulars here on AI and the drive by visitors, do you back up and what is your method?
    For my iMac I use Time Machine (3TB drive) and about once a week connect an 8TB drive (kept in a fireproof safe between backups) using CCC. For my MacBook Air I use a 1TB APFS drive mounted on my iMac and made into a Time Capsule in System Preferences>Sharing. I take that with me and mount it using a Mac Mini at my vacation house.
  • Safari vulnerability lets hackers swipe recently deleted photos from iPhone X

    Soli said:
    I've certainly had to do that many times over the years, and as soon as I'm done supplying the proof I delete it… and I always assumed it was actually deleted since I've never seen a restore button for deleted photos on iOS.

    Since iOS 9 there has been an Album called "Recently Deleted" holding deleted photos for up to 30 days. Select any photo or video in that album and one of the choices is "Recover". If you want to really delete a photo you have to delete it first from the Library and then again from the Recently Deleted Album.
  • Armed robbery at Boston Apple Store, 69 phones stolen from festival, and more from the App...

    Just a thought.

    I'm wondering if one should have to unlock an iOS device before shutting it off or turning on airplane mode. If airplane mode hadn't been overlooked the woman wouldn't have been able use find my iPhone to lead her to the FedEx office.