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  • Report finds AirTag enables 'inexpensive, effective stalking'

    I’ve never owned a Tile.

    How is an AirTag better for stalking (or non-stalking) than a Tile?
    There are far more iPhone users than Tile users. In other words the "tracking network" of iPhones is much larger, and therefore fine grained, and therefore accurate.
    A Tile might give you updates, but the probability of passing another Tile user is much lower than an iPhone in other words, especially in remote areas.
    With AirTags, your own phone essentially works together with the AirTag to constantly update the AirTag's last known location (essentially your current location), which is the scary part if the AirTag doesn't belong to you.
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  • Apple reiterates it has no plans to merge iPad and Mac

    lkrupp said:
    DO you run iOS apps on the M1 Macs? Do you have access to the iOS App Store?
    Apps which the developer has made compatible with running on Mac appear in the App Store. It’s listed that they’re compatible with iPhone, iPad, etc, along with your Mac. If an iOS app isn’t Mac compatible then it doesn’t appear in Mac AppStore search results (or if it does, it won’t let you install, can’t remember exactly which is true.)
  • Win the Apple Watch Heart Month fitness challenge with an hour of exercise

    I rebooted both phone and watch, and now not even a grey outline of the award is showing. I never received a notification for the award, nor does it appear in the "Limited Edition" section of the fitness app on the watch.

    Edit: Very weird. Sure enough, two reboots does the trick. I turned both devices off. Then turned on the phone and let it boot / unlocked it. Then turned on the watch and let it boot / unlocked it.
  • Dutch Apple store evacuates after likely iPad battery incident

    I paid for the $29 dollar iPhone battery replacement after getting the "low performance mode" message. Had to bring the phone back in the VERY NEXT day because the battery had expanded, breaking the seal between the phone body and the screen.

    Thankfully they were willing to replace the entire phone, even though it was out of warranty / AppleCare period.

    But it still makes me wonder about the quality control on their batteries as of late.
  • Australian government to ask for voluntary access to encrypted Apple data

    Don't people realize that "encrypted communication" is no more searchable than an in-person conversation? Why isn't the government demanding access to listen in on every single in-person conversation?? I mean I don't get the argument that everything that CAN be tracked SHOULD be tracked. The people who defend government behavior in this manner aren't thinking beyond the sensational headlines, the buzz words, and the common stories governments tell us these days about all the reasons they need access to every nook and crany of every person's life in order to "keep us safe." It's an easy road to keep going down, if you don't realize you've already started down it. I hope people wake up in their thinking and realize the world hasn't changed all that much since before 9/11. The main difference is that war is accepted as "common" and your privacy is accepted as "nonexistent." The threats haven't changed. Only people's willingness to give up a part of what they used to consider obvious rights in life. Oh right, for the sake of "national security" and "safety" it's all worth it, right?