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  • Woman gets 18 months behind bars for stealing $1M in iPods meant for Native American stude...

    A school district buying iPods for their students seems like an enormous waste of money.  
  • Germany wants Apple to offer iPhone updates and parts for 7 years

    This creates a barrier of entry for any new startup.  Government creates monopolies with their own ignorance.
  • Future Siri may adjust speech based on environmental conditions, user input

    bsimpsen said:
    Siri's volume control is 100% broken in our house...

    Me: Hey Siri, what is your volume?
    Siri (whispering): My volume is 19%.
    Me: Hey Siri, set your volume to 100%"
    Siri (whispering): That's very loud, are you sure?"
    Me: Yes
    Siri (yelling): Okay this is as loud as I get.
    Me: Hey Siri, what is your volume.
    Siri (whispering): My volume is 19%.

    We have 14 HomePods and Minis sprinkled around the house, they all do this. In addition it's quite common for a HomePod halfway across the house to intercept a command issued to one two feet away. We've reverted to using our oven timer because Siri is so vexing.

    Me (speaking to a HomePod mini next to our stove): Hey Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes.
    Siri (whispering from our family room, 30 feet away): Okay, ten minutes, counting down.
    Ten minutes later, the timer goes off, but we don't hear it until the muffins are burnt.
    Me (yelling from the kitchen when I finally hear the alarm): Hey Siri, stop.
    No response. I must walk into the family room and yell at the HomePod to shut it up.

    It's hard to imagine a system more broken than this.

    Same issues.  Just last night I had music playing on my phone laying on the other side of the couch.  I told Siri to stop the music.  The HomePod down the hall in another room about 30 feet away responded that nothing was playing.  I did this twice.  The third time I was specific and told her to turn off the music on the phone.  

    When I stand right in front of my bedroom HomePod and ask it to play music and my phone is in the same room, about half the time it will start playing music on my phone.  Brilliant.

    And as for the timer thing, I activate Siri manually on my phone for that exact same reason.
  • Apple Maps cycling navigation expands to San Diego, Portland

    Slow rollout 
    Well, it's a small upstart company...
  • How to setup and use Intercom on iPhone, Apple Watch, and HomePod

    I never got a pop-up in my Home app, and I don't see anywhere in the app where I can change any intercom settings.  However, it does work between HomePods in my house.