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  • Apple releases new firmware for AirPods, AirPods Pro & AirPods Max

    As seems to be quite often the case now, it appears possible to "accelerate" delivery of the firmware update by connecting the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max directly to a Mac; though, in my case, I ended in with the latest firmware but needed to reset both devices.
  • Apple Card may go international as Apple buys UK credit scoring startup

    Will be interesting if they can keep the same cash back/ no fee structure.

    Credit card swipe/interchange fees outside the US are much lower, less money to be made/less available for customer kickbacks/points/miles.
    As you rightly point out, most of Europe has strictly capped interchange fees, so it’s very unlikely that we would see the same cash back feature available here.

    That said, Apple’s user interface in terms of managing one’s credit card and repayments would be, in itself, a very attractive proposition.
  • 'iPhone 14 Pro' may come with titanium alloy frame or enclosure in 2022

    Japhey said:
    Apologies for going slightly off topic here, but I’ve been waiting for a story about titanium in order to post a query to my fellow AI denizens. 

    Does anybody out there own a Series 5 in titanium? If so, how was your experience with it? How has it held up after 2 years? Does the finish really scratch as easily as the keyboard warriors online like to claim? Was it worth the extra $$? Would you purchase another one in the future? 

    I’m torn over whether to upgrade my aluminum 5 to SS or titanium this fall…and I try to avoid my local Apple Store as much as possible, as the experience there is always terrible, so I don’t have any actual exposure to them to base my decision on. I know AI readers will give their honest opinions, but please limit them only to people that actually own the titanium models. 
    I had the Series 5 Edition in Titanium for about 11 months before selling it on in order to upgrade to the S6 Hermès. At the time, the buyer remarked how pristine the titanium looked, and he was very happy w/ his purchase from me.

    So, from my own experience - no - the Titanium does not scratch as easily as some suggest, and in sunlight, the brushed finish of the Titanium diffuses sunlight to an almost SS-like level, making it a fine looking accessory.

    On my Stainless Steel Hermes, I am constantly aware of the possibility of micro abrasions but 10 months in it’s holding up well.
  • Apple releases ECG Apple Watch app in Australia

    Is there any way to update the article to reflect which countries now support ECG, like what you used to do with countries and banks adding ApplePay support?  Is Australia the 5th country or the 50th to support the ECG app? 
    You can find all of that info here:
  • Apple confirms fix to series box set playback issues on Apple TV app is coming

    Not sure what causes it, but some TV series purchased from Apple will not be organized into separate seasons after you've clicked on the show icon in the Apple TV app. It will just list every episode you have in numerical/alphabetical order. My guess is that perhaps older purchases don't have the same metadata attached to the file and can't be organized properly as a result.  
    This. I have this problem with the X-Files, Only one season is properly organized into a season folder, to find any other episode I have to scroll through all 100+ episodes, it's so annoying.
    Indeed. Also the reason why I have never bought a box set from Apple because I suspected a problem would occur, especially with a store front that is so heavily dependent on correctly programmed meta data. So I buy individual seasons when my price monitoring app tells me they have come down.