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  • Adobe has clarified controversial shrinkwrap license terms, but the damage may have alread...

    gatorguy said:
    What would Apple say if you asked them?

    Apple made a nearly identical rights claim change in its Terms of Service at the end of March, worded in much the same way but far more vaguely. But no one noticed. Perhaps that's why Apple has never clarified what it means, either. My guess is the same as Adobe's, but like them, Apple ( and everyone else) needs to be clearer on it.

    "Except to the extent prohibited by law, you hereby grant Apple a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, nonexclusive license to use the materials you submit within the Services and related marketing as well as to use the materials you submit for Apple internal purposes. Apple may monitor and decide to remove or edit any submitted material, including via automated content filters and/or human review." 

    There are too many questions surrounding how our data is being used across all LLM training and delivered AI services. Companies try to avoid discussing it unless the questions become too public. For Adobe they did.
    Apple's terms are nothing like Adobe's new terms, which is why "no one noticed." 
  • Falling US demand means an imminent international rollout for Apple Vision Pro

    If demand in your home country is weaker than expected, then this would be a good reason not to roll out to other countries.

    Tell us you didn't read the article without actually saying it. 
  • GM's CarPlay replacement doesn't work well, and has a long road ahead of it

    GM is not the only one. Mercedes Benz officially confirmed that CarPlay will not be supported for next models.

    The reason of Mercedes is that Apple wants to strive for "All or Nothign" strategy. 
    Mercedes Benz would have no issue to have CarPlay as long as basic features can be played by Apple, but Mercedes Benz is not willing to give up the entire control to Apple.

    I fear that more and more OEMs would follow GM´s and MB´s decision not to support Apple CarPlay if Apple continues sticking to their "All or Nothing" strategy.

    But Having driven EQS, I have to say that MB is way way behind in the UI/UX area. 
    MB tries hard to present their cars as a modern technology, but it feels old somehow. 

    Nothing can top the simplified UI/UX made by Apple. 
    No. Mercedes Benz did not confirm "that CarPlay will not be supported for next models."  What Mercedes will not be supporting is next gen CarPlay.
  • Apple speaks out against Epic's contempt of court accusation

    Can someone explain to me why only Apple is getting attacked? Consoles such as the Switch and Playstation don’t allow alternative app stores. In the switch’s Fortnite case VBucks aren’t usable if you got them from outside the switch store/battle pass. In fact I logged into my account on Playstation and I had 4,700 vbucks while My Switch said 700.
    Huh? The injunction at issue has nothing to do with alternative app stores. That issue wasn't even raised by Epic. 

  • Gene Munster: Apple should buy Rivian after cancelling Apple Car

    jimh2 said:
     Good businesses do not diversify into products that are outside of their primary focus. Apple makes phones, computers and related accessories. They also do streaming of music/videos/podcasts and create content. Manufacturing cars is does not even remotely fit into their business model.
    Under your "primary focus" rule, Apple would never have branched out into music players, phones, watches, earphones, and portable speakers, which together make up over 90% of its current revenue from product compared to what as the "primary focus" prior to 2001 (computers).  Maybe you define "primary focus" broadly to include anything with a CPU in it, but that rules also fails because Apple derives 20% of all revenue from services that include producing their own TV shows and movies and selling ads.