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  • Passenger's iPhone racks up the miles trapped in a plane seat

    Hopefully they’ll turn this fascinating story into a movie. 
  • Netflix could follow Apple TV+ in producing live streaming video

    Beats said:
    Apple TV has been a disappointment as far as innovation goes. I thought it would be crazy innovative. I thought Apple would somehow connect the service with iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/Watch/Mac. Instead we get something similar to Netflix where you just press play. Something that any service could do from YouTube to iTunes movies.

    When they first announced The Morning Show I thought it was an actual live show with news and interviews like Good Morning America, which I think would have caught way more attention. Now throw in user interaction. How about local whether with user photos and videos selected? How about a fitness segment where users can participate in to track their progress against other users across the world?

    I think live content is the next “thing”. Not sports but raw uncut, unfiltered niche shows. You guys should check out Fresh & Fit on YouTube. It’s one of the fastest growing “Podcasts” ever and the highest grossing almost every month through user donations. It’s also an absolute riot to watch live with crazy guests and unfiltered content. Had this show been an Apple TV exclusive, it would have broke records for Apple. Unfortunately it is the polar opposite to “politically correct” which I know is on the way out and will stunt Apple TV+. Growth.

    I think more real content like following an average joe’s weight loss journey with user interaction via Watch, FaceTime and Fitness+ would be innovative. Or how about a nerd’s struggle with dating showcased live? Throw in more user interaction. This is what the people want NOW. People are sick of cheesy linear stories that would never happen and I wouldn’t count sports as an “innovation” of live events. How about concert tickets on Apple Music or a live 24 hour news station on Apple News where both the left and right share the same station with user polls that you can participate in live or participate in FaceTime video questions and debate?

    Apple has it all in the palm of their hands but they’re innovating super slowly.
    If you're going to be sarcastic add "/s" at the end of the message so everyone knows.
  • EU plans to require backdoor to encrypted messages for child protection

    Gaby said:
    And people complained about Apples system… I have to say that I am against any weakening of encryptions or privacy protections but in terms of which method is the lesser of two evils Apple’s solution is the less intrusive. The language in this Bill truly is terrifying. I have to say that considering that the police constantly complain that they don’t have the resources to deal with crimes as it is I find it farcical that more and more legislation continues to be added. Not to downplay the significance of sexual abuse in any way but one has to be pragmatic and decide whether the the attack on privacy is justified. It seems to me police forces do less and less detection and real crime fighting and are becoming merely administrative in their roles. 
    Apple’s method is not less intrusive because Apple would be scanning all communications. The EU proposal requires a court order, and affords affected individuals the right to challenge the order.  

    The language is only “terrifying” if you rely on headlines, and don’t both to read the actual bill. 
  • Customer trapped in Apple & FedEx blame game over lost Apple Watch

    jdnyus said:
    Say what you will about Amazon and Bezos, but Amazon makes returns easy, regardless of the price of the item.  I love my iphone/ipad/MBPs, and they rarely need service. But, if I could get the equivalent from another company that doesn't stick it to the customers at every opportunity, I would switch in a second.  Apple knows that they can treat us like garbage and we will still buy their products, and they act that way. 
    You may want to review that Amazon return policy once more. Amazon only accepts returns of computers and tablets if they are unused in an unopened box or if they arrived defective, and reserves the right to charge a restocking fee. Except for Amazon devices of course, which can be returned for any reason at all.
  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    I think it's better for him to leave. The longer he stays the crazier Mac stuffs he will come up with that will become totally un-usable. I am glad thicker MacBook Pro is back with SD card slot and more ports so I don't have to pack extra accessories when travel. Kudos to Tim Cook.
    So which is it? Is he just an “accountant” or is he personally engineering hardware?