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  • FTC proposes 'Click to Cancel' rule to simplify subscription cancellation process

    gatorguy said:
    Is it just me or does it sound like the FTC wants to make it as simple to cancel a subscription everywhere as it already is if I’ve signed up for one via iOS?
    Same with "that other mobile OS". If only every subscription for every service or product came from one of the two. But they don't. 

    Excellent move on the part of the FTC, and something I've not been able to say with some of their other edicts. 
    It’s not only subs that come from Apple that I can cancel via iOS. For example, I occasionally sign up for and then later cancel Hulu through iOS, not by trying to figure out where to go on the Hulu website. The same goes for magazine subscriptions. I just navigate to the subscriptions tab of my AppleID and tap the cancel button for the service in question.

    So, it doesn’t HAVE to be a product or service offered by Apple in order for it to be cancelable via iOS. However, the company offering the service needs to allow it to happen. Netflix doesn’t, which kinda sucks. If Netflix made it easier for me to cancel, like Hulu and HBO do, I’d probably sign up for Netflix more often than I do.

    What?  There's literally a "Cancel Membership" button on the Account page on
  • EU plans to require backdoor to encrypted messages for child protection

    Gaby said:
    And people complained about Apples system… I have to say that I am against any weakening of encryptions or privacy protections but in terms of which method is the lesser of two evils Apple’s solution is the less intrusive. The language in this Bill truly is terrifying. I have to say that considering that the police constantly complain that they don’t have the resources to deal with crimes as it is I find it farcical that more and more legislation continues to be added. Not to downplay the significance of sexual abuse in any way but one has to be pragmatic and decide whether the the attack on privacy is justified. It seems to me police forces do less and less detection and real crime fighting and are becoming merely administrative in their roles. 
    Apple’s method is not less intrusive because Apple would be scanning all communications. The EU proposal requires a court order, and affords affected individuals the right to challenge the order.  

    The language is only “terrifying” if you rely on headlines, and don’t both to read the actual bill. 
  • Apple's Self Repair Program toolkit - Hands on with what's inside

    stevegee said:
    former Apple Genius here. this is NUTS. nobody in their right mind is going to do this when there are easier, less-expensive routes. I don’t believe Apple has gone out of their way to complicate DIY repairs, it’s just a complex process because the devices themselves are complex, a fact all the self-repair advocates conveniently overlook. 
    Actually seems pretty simple “Genius.”
  • New iMac Pro and M3 iMac coming, but not in 2022

    As I said. 

    Much to the chagrin of some a month ago who were riding “the iMac is discontinued” line hard. A hiatus is not discontinued. 

    The m1 series just wasn’t ready for a true modern iMac Pro. The Studio is a nice stopgap like the old iMac Pro was. The ultra chip has been revealed to need some design review in order to unleash its full potential. More forgivable in something like the Studio vs a Mac Pro or iMac Pro. 

    It’s an amazing machine that fills in the gap while we wait for the high end iMac. The coming Mac Pro makes the Studio somewhat redundant, though on a lower tier. It could stick around between the Mac mini and Mac Pro, but it would make iMac pricing strategies a bit problematic. 

    While the m3 is “in the works,” it doesn’t equate to availability. With m2 launching in the fall this year, we could see m3 one year later. So this timeline sounds right. M1 went on a bit long, but that’s due to apple expanding the lineup and getting processes right. They have a path to follow now so things will speed up. 
    Apparently Apple did not receive your memo.

    Apple confirmed to Ars that the 27-inch iMac has reached end of life.
  • Apple TV+ original film 'CODA' wins Best Picture at the 2022 Oscars

    Xed said:
    This is big for Apple and streaming services in general.