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  • Jony Ive still thinks of Steve Jobs every day

    ralphie said:

    Wrong on so many levels.  More like he owes Apple and Steve a debt of gratitude.  He was a nobody until Steve plucked him out of obscurity, and provided him great direction .
    No. Ive and Jobs built on each other's strengths and as a team (with many others obviously), achieved remarkable goals. This obviates too the 'Ive was only interested in form' argument too - you can be certain that no design elements got through development to market that did not meet with Job's approval and he was very much 'form and function'. Not surprised that Ive thinks of his partner and friend of old often.
  • Patrick Wardle teams up with ex-Apple researcher to boost Mac security for all

    Good to see.
  • Tim Cook sneaks in Apple Vision Pro promo while congratulating Porsche

    I emailed Tim not long ago (as I have previously quite successfully), urging him to encourage some auto makers including Porsche to adopt CarPlay and even Apple Silicon as their principal driver-facing os and hardware respectively instead of sitting under android. I felt silly (and maybe respondents would agree) as Apple was working on their own car. Don't feel silly (for that reason at least lol) now. 
  • Apple exec Dan Riccio nearing retirement after 25 years

    Dan, if you read this (duh, of course) then come to Western Australia for a retirement trip and I'll introduce you to the wine and chocolate producing regions of the south-west and we can talk about new classes of devices. You're no doubt excited by the prospect 😂.
  • Decade-old Apple Car project may be completely dead

    eightzero said:
    jas99 said:
    kkqd1337 said:
    i think this was just too big of a challenge for apple

    maybe those staff can have another go on the AirPower 
    No. This was an excellent decision. Apple should stay as far away from the automotive industry as possible.
    I agree with the sentiment for the reasons (and others) stated. But let's not paint too broadly here. CarPlay is an excellent product, and it is closely tied to "the automotive industry." There may be a similar role for technology in (other manufacturers' automobiles) Apple would be wise to explore further. Making their own branded car, not so much. 

    I see AAPL stock is up after this story was published. 
    My only disappointment would be a discontinuation of CarPlay. I was hoping for a system that could provide all driver-side services rather than sitting above androidauto.