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  • Developers need to measure their heads before they can receive an Apple Vision Pro dev kit...

    Kinda like “having your head examined” before buying? 🤓
    Suspect there is more to your message than meets the eye.
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  • Twitter loses half its ad revenue, still weighed down by debt

    danox said:
    jpellino said:
    So Twitter was the preeminent microblogging platform, doing well enough to have shareholders getting earnings.
    Musk buys it and starts pulling every lever he can find, many of which were clearly marked DO NOT TOUCH THIS LEVER.
    Now the company is bleeding value, invisible to the public, and got its lunch eaten by Meta in less than a week of competition. 
    Oh, and a new half-billion liability based on Lever #2.
    Remind me how this reflects on the legendary genius of Musk?

    You ain’t seen nothing yet by the end of the decade, the US will be the only area of the world where Tesla will have any significant marketshare, Japan, South Korea, and China will be but footnotes, Europe, in the end will be single digits Because of the German companies and the rest of the world aside from Australia, and New Zealand quite simply just can’t afford them. 

    Also, note the fit and finish still is crap, (that old CNC dealership location next to the 210 freeway in Upland, California is now occupied by Tesla‘s and they seem to be fixing a lot of new Tesla‘s direct from the factory at this location before shipping them to the new owners), the early adopters still don’t care, but the second and third wave adopters will, particularly with more choices for sale by competitors, and these competitors will have Apple CarPlay and Android CarPlay, and it does make a difference.
    Not sure that any of this is correct. Tesla has advantages currently that are giving it time to go much further into unoccupied territory and to establish a significant lead.

    Tesla is diversifying manufacturing centres to meet the particular needs of large local markets, to minimise shipping costs and protect it against de-globalisation. Tesla manufactures, apart of course from in the US, in China for the local, asian and Australian/New Zealand markets and in Germany for Europe. They will likely soon be manufacturing in Mexico for both the North American and South American markets, in India for a potentially huge market and possibly in Indonesia for the world's 4th largest population centre. These latter three Gigafactories however, will produce very different vehicles to those on the market currently. They'll be smaller and much cheaper, built with less expensive batteries.

    With each iteration of Gigafactory, build quality improves. In North America you would not be exposed to vehicles built in China and Germany but the teething problems associated with the Fremont factory don't exist. The Texas factory build quality will be out-of-site next to earlier locations.

    Tesla is highly vertically integrated. They rely still on outside suppliers but to a much less extent than others. As examples, even some chip manufacture and mining and refinement of critical minerals is or is-going in-house. Tesla has borne the myriad issue of producing an operating system for their cars and are not burdened with that quasi-operating system android as many others are. Volvo will be building their next generation of cars, the EX series with android as the driver facing OS. The cars themselves are beautiful but are let down by laggy, buggy and insecure higher-level software. (I'd buy an EX30 or eX90 but for android.) Apple could buy the publicly listed Volvo and gain a huge head start in its automotive ambitions.

    The austere interior design of Tesla cars was predicated from the beginning on full self-driving obviating the need for driver operated controls and of course, whereas this has not been forthcoming, it will be eventually.

    The first production-ready Cybertruck have been built in Texas, it will be interesting to see how it is accepted.

    An afterword - there is one other Tesla product that Musk has referred to explicitly that is yet to see fruition - a Gigafactory for building factories. Likely products of these will include the Optimus robot and Tesla flying machines.
  • Fatal helicopter crash likely caused by dropped iPad

    My brother, an experienced pilot of turbine powered helicopters who was trained in the airforce, once demonstrated to me, in a chopper on the ground, how little time there is to correct some problems, seconds in one case. Experience counts for so much in flying helicopters.

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  • iPhone vs Android: Google Bard has picked a winner

    ChatGPT was perhaps less overt but I'd say iOS has the day - in important areas such as security and the user interface at least:

    "Which do you prefer: iOS or Android?"

    As an artificial intelligence, I don't have personal experiences or preferences. However, I can provide a comparison of the two platforms, iOS and Android, based on objective criteria.

    • User Interface: iOS is often praised for its clean, user-friendly interface. Everything is straightforward and well-organized, which can be beneficial for those who prefer simplicity. Android, on the other hand, offers more customizability. Users can change just about every aspect of the system's appearance and operation.

    • App Availability: Both platforms have a large selection of apps, but iOS often gets new apps first. However, Android offers more free apps and also allows for sideloading of apps from sources outside of the official app store, which isn't typically possible on iOS.

    • Hardware: iOS runs only on Apple devices, which are typically more expensive but are praised for their design and build quality. Android runs on a wide range of devices from different manufacturers, at various price points, offering more options for consumers.

    • Updates: Apple provides updates to all supported devices at the same time, while Android updates depend on the device manufacturer and carrier, which can sometimes result in delays.

    • Integration with other devices: iOS devices work very well with other Apple devices, making it a good choice if you're already invested in the Apple ecosystem. Android, while not as seamless as iOS, does offer flexibility and can be used with a variety of other devices and systems.

    • Security: Both systems have robust security measures, but the closed nature of iOS and Apple's strict app vetting process generally results in fewer security threats. Android's openness provides flexibility, but it can also lead to increased vulnerability to malware, especially when downloading apps from unknown sources.

    These are just a few points to consider, and the "best" choice between iOS and Android depends on your personal needs, preferences, and what you value most in a mobile operating system.

    Further prompting did not elicit a preference.

  • Connections between Apple Car and a mysterious Arizona facility deepen with new evidence

    Xed said:
    Rick601 said:
    Tesla has such a lead in all EV areas, I can’t believe Apple would have much to contribute other than improving CarPlay. 
    1) Apple was behind by decades on the smartphone and the tablet.

    2) Musk has lied about Tesla's lead in self driving capabilities.

    2) Musk has lied about Tesla's lead in self driving capabilities. This is apparently true and Tesla is desperately trying to correct poor executive decisions that led to removing radar and? ultrasound systems.